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Steph and Eli boarded the redeye from Washington D. C. to Seattle. They felt pretty proud of themselves after having spent the day at a rally protesting against the various wars the country was involved in, and the general "shoot-first" mentality the government seemed to have. The young married couple fashioned themselves as intelligent and well informed members of society, and they loved voicing their opinions to anyone that would hear them. They weren't gonna be those brainless droves snowed over by the government's lies and double-speak. They would speak out. They would speak their minds. They would not be silenced.

They were a cute young couple, having married at 23 just after graduating college. They had met during high school, and now a year after getting married they were still going strong. A lot of people didn't take them seriously, older people mainly, because of their unique sense of style. They would fall under the category of people commonly known as "hipsters". They took advantage of ironic trends, wearing a mish-mash of styles that older people didn't understand. She wore t-shirts with ironic, retro images, while also wearing clothes made of natural fibers, with them caring about the planet and all. Clothes that women wore in the past and were seemingly out of style she wore with glee. Corduroy pants. Pull over cardigans. She loved clothes. Eli wore tight jeans and shirts, not caring when macho guys teased him for it.

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"I can tell. It's no problem. I love going toe to toe with a worthy adversary." Bill said with a smile at the young woman. Eli put his hand on Steph's shoulder, calming her down. She pouted as she faced forward and waited for the flight to take off.

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