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Online Masters Degree In Child Development

If you want to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents, then consider an online Master of Science in Psychology (MS) with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Psychology with Southern New Hampshire University.

online masters degree in child development

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In the master's in child psychology online program, you'll develop assessment, evaluation and treatment strategies that address the unique individual, cultural and psychological needs of children and families. Hone your research methods and learn about developmental psychology and intervention strategies in depth, specifically as they relate to children and adolescents.

The MS degree in child and adolescent developmental psychology degree typically attracts others who want to help young people, either immediately after graduating or upon completion of a doctoral degree.

Graduates of the child and adolescent developmental psychology program can enter the psychology career field confidently possessing the knowledge and skills in research, analysis, assessment, human behavior and professional collaboration necessary to succeed in the job of your choice.

The degree program consists of 36 credits total, with 24 major credits in general psychology and 12 credits that focus specifically on child and developmental psychology. All students must have a bachelor's degree that includes coursework in introduction to psychology, social science statistics and research methods in a social science. Students without this coursework are still eligible for the child psychology master's program, but may have to complete comparable foundational coursework prior to beginning major coursework.

To build on this foundation in general psychology, you can then add key coursework to prepare you for a career working with children and adolescents. Child and developmental psychology concentration courses include:

The master's in child development online culminates in a capstone course for all students. This course is designed to allow you to synthesize and integrate the knowledge and skills you've gained in the study of child and developmental psychology. Rather than introduce new concepts, the aim of this course is to support student success in readying you to apply the scientific method and use observation, experimentation and analysis throughout your career.

Tuition rates for SNHU's online degree programs are among the lowest in the nation. We offer a 25% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty.

Perhaps the best part of studying for a master's in child development online is the ability to customize the pace of your education. Courses are available 24/7, so you can complete your work on your schedule and at your pace. At Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), our instructors are professionals working in their respective fields, so you will benefit from their professional expertise as well as from the subject matter.

Each of these courses is designed to provide you with top-of-the-line instruction in the field of child development so that whichever direction you choose to take your career, you are ready to help others reach their fullest potential.

At SNHU, the child and adolescent developmental psychology degree can be completed in as little as 15 months. Our admission counselors and academic advisors can help ensure that you receive the maximum number of transfer credits possible based on any past coursework you may have taken. From there, you can take courses at the pace that suits your schedule.

To become a fully licensed child psychologist, you generally need a doctoral degree in psychology. A focus on an aspect of child psychology, child development or adolescent psychology is also needed.

Earning an online master's in child development can prepare graduates to enter a growing and meaningful career with many different professional pathways available. The cost of these programs can vary dramatically based on where a student decides to attend. Those looking to keep a tight budget often decide to earn their degree as a resident learner at a public college.

When preparing for graduate school and setting out to earn a master's in child development, prospective students should consider whether this degree suits their personalities and interests. Graduates typically possess an interest in the intersection of education and psychology, taking a cerebral approach to better serving children at various developmental stages.

The majority of programs comprise 30-40 credits and take two years to complete. Some accelerated degrees may allow students to graduate in as few as 18 months. Master's in child development programs commonly offer concentrations in subspecialties of the discipline. These vary by school, but common offerings include:

In addition to coursework, master's in child development programs often require learners to participate in a semester-long practicum in an approved setting to complete mandated hours and build hands-on skills before graduating.

Admission requirements for master's in child development programs vary across programs and schools, but many set similar expectations for accepted students. Most programs look for candidates with related undergraduate degrees in areas such as psychology, education, or similar fields. In general, online and in-person graduate admission requirements tend to mirror one another. Aside from the application components highlighted below, some particularly competitive programs may also require interviews.

The vast majority of online master's in child development programs use online college application systems, though a few may still accept paper applications. Common information required on these applications includes the student's full name, mailing address, date of birth, and citizenship status.

Master's in child development programs commonly require applicants to submit GRE scores as part of the application process, making GRE prep important. Some programs may bypass this requirement, while others may let students with high GPAs or significant relevant experience apply without taking the exam.

Essays provide the opportunity for prospective students to convey to admissions committees why their applications should be approved. Important topics to cover in grad school essays include why a learner wants to earn a master's in child development, how they plan to use it, and why they want to attend a particular program.

Earning an online master's in child development degree can lead to a variety of meaningful jobs after graduating. Many of these jobs are also projected to grow in the coming years, creating career stability for graduates. While individuals who decide to pursue a master's in child development typically do not pick this path with the hope of becoming millionaires, several positions offer above-average pay.

After earning their master's in child development and working in the discipline for a few years, some professionals may decide to return to school and upgrade their credentials. Some may decide to pursue a doctorate in child development, while others may decide to take a more generalist approach and pursue a doctorate in psychology or a doctorate in education.

For the vast majority of students, cost plays a major role in deciding which master's in child development program to attend. Understanding the true program cost is vitally important, as is comparing costs between online and on-campus programs. In many cases, online students can save substantial amounts of money.

Online master's in child development programs are commonly offered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats, with the latter option typically working best for students who need flexibility. Students can also usually choose between full-time and part-time learning schedules to help them manage personal and professional responsibilities.

When deciding whether to go to college online or in person, location can play an important role. Master's in child development programs with no campus-based requirements allow students from near and far to enroll; those with in-person components typically mean students need to be within driving distance of the campus.

Failing to attend an accredited university can result in issues when it comes to transferring credits, seeking licensure, or even finding a job after graduation. In addition to finding an online college with accreditation, students should also look for master's programs in child development with proper programmatic accreditation through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Attending a master's in child development program with great student support services can impact learners while at school and long after. The best programs offer mentorship opportunities and top-tier internship connections. In addition to in-person support systems, distance learners can also ask about online student services.

Based in Tampa, USF serves over 50,000 students, many of whom enroll in online courses. USF offers a fully online master of science in child and adolescent behavioral health that prepares graduates for careers as directors of juvenile justice organizations, substance abuse rehabilitation clinics, and child welfare agencies. USF provides distance learning through the Canvas platform.

Required coursework in the program's 39-credit curriculum covers topics like behavioral health policy and cultural competency in children's mental health. Students also learn advanced research and evaluation methods. This master's in child development program lets candidates personalize the curriculum through seven electives. Participants also choose between thesis and applied (non-thesis) options.

UMN maintains its flagship campus in the Twin Cities, where it serves more than 50,000 students. The university also offers online degrees, including an entirely online master of arts in applied child and adolescent development. Program graduates are prepared to work as clinical counselors, social work case managers, and healthcare advocates for clients in this age group. 041b061a72


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