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Excel Vba Project Unviewable Unlock

I am using Access 2010 and I am working on an access file created in 2003 in .mdb format. When I try click on the AfterUpdate event of a text field, I got the error message saying "project is unviewable". I followed the MS support to remove the digital signature, but it isn't there. There is no certificate to remove. I try to add my certificate, it says it can not save my certificate. I also try to publish and package in Access 2010; it doesn't work either. Please help! Thank you.

Excel Vba Project Unviewable Unlock

Useless reply. Stupid reply. Got "project is unviewable", and I DO know how to browse through the code. It's the f***ing software (acc2007 AND acc2010) that's locking the project, and this reply doesn't help at all.

TIP: if you do not remove the password, the Project will be unlocked and the modules and code will be able to be viewed, but you will still need the password to go into the project properties.

  • Project Is UnviewableSave your Workbook as (. xlam) ...

  • Lock the VBAProject. Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor. ...

  • Change the isAddin property. Double click on the add-in (. ...

  • Share the Workbook. Select File, Options and select Quick Access Toolbar. ...

  • Resave the Workbook as an Add-in - Not Working. Save the Excel (.

How do I unlock a locked VBA project? To unlock it, click on Tools > VBA Project Properties, choose the Protection tab, deselect the "Lock project for viewing" box, and clear the two password fields. To return to the worksheets, close out of the VBE by clicking on the X in the upper right corner, or by pressing Alt+Q.


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