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Best Store To Buy Artificial Christmas Tree ~UPD~

Morford also suggests looking at the materials used. If it is too shinny or flimsy, this is a visual giveaway that the tree is artificial. Keep that in mind as you purchase your tree to ensure a good investment.

best store to buy artificial christmas tree


In our assessments, we found setting up the tree to be super simple: Snap sections together, plug the tree into an outlet and then use the foot pedal or remote to the turn lights on. When disassembling, there's no need to take off the lights, simply detach the sections to store away.

Puleo has been around since 1954 and is another well-known brand in the artificial Christmas tree industry. In our Lab assessment of this tree, we found it very easy to assemble, with one of our engineers putting it together in under five minutes!

Although narrow, the tree's branches are still lush, so you won't be missing that wow factor. At just 30 inches in diameter for the base of the 7.5-foot tree, it's a great footprint for an apartment or small space. "Spent three years looking for the perfect artificial tree for our apartment. It fits our space perfectly and we are very pleased with the fullness of the branches," one Amazon reviewer said.

Reviewers rave that this is one of the most beautiful fake trees they've seen thanks to its fullness and quality. While several noted it took a while to fully fluff the branches, they did note the quality of construction, especially for the price. One summed it up very nicely, saying, "It looks beautiful once brought to life. Takes a while but worth it." The manufacturer also notes that it can be used both indoors and outdoors under a covered area like a hooded porch. And best of all: You can get it shipped to you in two days!

It's available in sizes ranging from 4 to 14 feet, allowing you to pick the best height for your space. One reviewer noted, "If you remember the old school trees where you had a hundred little color-coded branches that had to be sorted and put in the right slots, you'll appreciate the hinged design and the fact that it comes in just two parts."

Cost-effective over the long term: Up front, artificial trees are much more expensive than live trees. In 2020, a live tree on average cost $80, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, which represents the live-tree industry. (In 2021, prices rose by 5% to 10%, according to a spokesperson.) But at that average, a $400 artificial tree pays for itself after five years, and the best of them can last years beyond that.

This change required us to set our sights only on the most convincing, lifelike artificial trees, which usually carry a correspondingly high price tag. When we began this research several years ago, we were surprised to find how much a good fake tree cost. And we had an eye-opening shopping experience again in 2021, as tree prices rose across the board (subscription required) due to the widespread supply-chain issues affecting deliveries from China, where almost all artificial trees are made.

On the topic of PVC: The use of lead as a PVC stabilizer was once a genuine health concern, but this is no longer an issue in most artificial trees sold in the US, according to National Tree Company and the American Christmas Tree Association (the latter of which represents artificial-tree companies).

Virtually all contemporary artificial trees have branches permanently mounted on hinges on the center pole. Thanks to this design, they unfurl into place quickly when you set them up. We avoided the outdated designs that have you snap individual branches into sockets on the center pole one by one (a time-consuming and fussy process).

But an in-depth 2007 life-cycle study on the subject gave the edge firmly to live trees, finding that an artificial tree would have to be used for 20 years before its carbon impact fell below that of buying a live tree annually over the same timeframe. A more recent look at the topic reached similar conclusions.

Skip the hassle of finicky Christmas tree stands and opt in for a potted version. This option from Puleo International (the oldest artificial tree company in the US!) is potted in an adorable bucket, pre-lit, and has pinecones to add even more detail.

Looking for an outdoorsy-looking artificial tree to match your rustic decor? This petite pine option comes with 450 lights and a stand. Cashmere and bristle branch tips are only made prettier with flocked pine cones attached to them.

Real Christmas trees are great and all, but you can get that exact same look without the shedding, allergens or chilly trip to your local tree farm with this attention-grabbing artificial version. This Christmas tree features hundreds of branch tips that are designed to look and feel like the real thing, while 900 white lights and pre-attached, hinged branches make for easy setup and breakdown.

Warsaw twig trees have a distinct look and a cult following among some holiday fans. This artificial tree has a primitive look with two-tone brown and green tips, along with 250 clear mini lights built in. The whole thing comes in three pieces for beyond-easy assembly.

When it comes time to buy a new Christmas tree, you may be wondering exactly when you should be shopping. We all know that stores seem to be putting out the Christmas decor earlier and earlier each year, but there are definitely certain sales and discounts to keep a watch for.

According to an annual survey conducted by the American Christmas Tree Association, artificial Christmas trees are quite the crowd pleasers. Of the nearly 96 million U.S. households displaying a Christmas tree in 2019, 81% of those were artificial.

White artificial trees are particularly vulnerable, and they will quickly turn yellow or brown if not properly stored. Green trees can also change color if not protected from the elements. Not to mention mold and dust can accumulate.

The best time to buy your holiday centerpiece is during a Christmas tree sale, months ahead of the season. This allows you to enjoy the best Christmas tree deals while avoiding the holiday rush. Shopping in advance will also help you spread out costs, as opposed to buying everything during peak season. Read on for the list of Balsam Hill sale events so you can check off your décor list early.

If you missed out on Black Friday, Cyber Monday Christmas tree deals are your next best option. What started out as an online version of Black Friday has now expanded into a week-long event for retailers. This longer sales period gives you more time to browse and compare artificial tree sales.

After receiving your artificial pre-lit Christmas tree on sale, you need to fluff the branches, test the stand, and inspect its built-in lights or wires. Buying your tree early allows you to set up ahead of time so decorating is much easier once the season arrives.

Thank you for your interest in our products, Melissa. We are delighted to inform you that we have a physical outlet store in California and tree lots at some Nordstrom branches. For more details on the locations, please click on this link:

You're running out of time to buy a Christmas tree. It's too late to order a real tree online, so you should pick up an artificial Christmas tree while you still can. We've found a wide variety of the holiday living room staple on sale now.

Find artificial trees from Wayfair, Amazon and more in a variety of sizes and for a range of budgets. Choose from spruces to Donner firs. Some of these trees are pre-lit or even pre-decorated. You can also find a smart tree that's Alexa-compatible.

This reviewer-loved artificial Vermont spruce Christmas tree from Mr. Christmas is selling out fast -- it's only available in the 7'5" option now. This Christmas tree's lights have 40 different colors and functions, like a sparkle setting. You can also schedule them to turn on and off. Just tell Alexa.

If you don't want to shop for expensive lights and ornaments, this tree is for you. The crush- and fade-resistant artificial tree comes with a variety of Christmas tree essentials, including a tree topper, ribbon, floral decorations and ornaments that you arrange yourself. The Amazon seller also offers the tree with woodland-themed ornaments, or Christmas tree essentials with a blue-and-white winter theme.

If you have low ceilings, or are looking for a smaller tree to decorate an office or a bedroom, this pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is a great option. This crush-proof tree is trimmed with 200 softly glowing LED lights. It also comes with a metal base that includes plastic feet covers to protect your floor.

On average, households need a new artificial tree once every couple of years because the holiday lights keep going out, the branches keep falling apart, or the flocking (fake snow) on the tree falls off. One of the biggest causes of these issues is storing your artificial Christmas tree improperly.

The problem is, those boxes are barely big enough to fit your artificial tree when it is perfectly unfluffed and compressed right after manufacturing. As soon as you fluff your tree, you will never be able to get it as small, or as un-fluffed as before.

By now, you must know that your cardboard box only has one good use, and that is to be recycled. To lengthen the lifespan of your artificial tree, consider ditching the cardboard box, and invest in an artificial christmas tree storage bag.

Now, there are plenty of storage options that make it possible to leave the sections of the tree stacked and store the tree vertically. There are a number of reasons this can be beneficial, whether you have limited storage space or just want an easier holiday season set up or tear down.

Quality material is important if you want your artificial tree storage bag to last for years, as well as to properly protect your Christmas tree. Chances are, if it's too inexpensive, or looks cheap, then it will have thin, terrible quality material. 041b061a72


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