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Deus Ex ((FREE))

In early 1998, the Deus Ex team grew to 20 people, and the game entered a 28-month production phase.[36] The development team consisted of three programmers, six designers, seven artists, a writer, an associate producer, a "tech", and Spector. Two writers and four testers were hired as contractors.[36] Chris Norden was the lead programmer and assistant director, Harvey Smith the lead designer, Jay Lee the lead artist, and Sheldon Pacotti the lead writer.[35] Close friends of the team who understood the intentions behind the game were invited to playtest and give feedback. The wide range of input led to debates in the office and changes to the game.[42] Spector later concluded that the team was "blinded by promises of complete creative freedom", and by their belief that the game would have no budget, marketing, or time restraints.[43] By mid-1998, the game's title had become Deus Ex, derived from the Latin literary device deus ex machina ("god from the machine"), in which a plot is resolved by an unpredictable intervention.[44]

Deus Ex

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A Deus ex Machina (pron: /diːəs ɛks mækɪnə/ for Britons, /deɪuːs ɛks mɑːkɪnə/ for Americans; /deus eks maːkʰinaː/ in the orginal Latin) is when some new event, character, ability, or object solves a seemingly unsolvable problem in a sudden, unexpected way. It's often used as the solution to what is called "writing yourself into a corner," where the problem is so extreme that nothing in the established setting suggests that there is a logical way for the characters to escape. If a bomb is about to go off, someone finds a convenient bomb-proof bunker in easy reach. If a protagonist falls off a cliff, a flying robot will suddenly appear to catch them. A Million to One Chance of something occurring is accomplished by a bystander who didn't know what they were doing. If The End of the World as We Know It is about to happen and nobody is able to stop it, it will be stopped thanks to some scientist's otherwise useless invention.

The term is Latin for "god out of the machine" and originates in ancient Greek theater.note the original classical Greek "theos ek mekhanikos" became "deus ex machina" through Latin translations of Greek literary criticism in the Renaissance. It referred to scenes in which a crane (machine) was used to lower actors or statues playing a god or gods (deus) onto the stage to set things right, often near the end of the play. In its most literal interpretation, this is when a godlike figure or power, with all the convenient power that comes with that, arrives to solve the problem. A Divine Intervention need not always be a Deus ex Machina or the sole way this trope plays out however.

  • Web Original Chronicle of the Annoying Quest features a character named "Dues X. Machina" (Pronounced "doose"). The name seems to be an ironic joke, however, as he doesn't actually do anything plot-related in his first appearance (though he does provide another excuse for hilarity to ensue...)

  • The 7th Chrono Hustle story, which is in fact title Deus Ex Machina, involves a situation where Jack Masterson is about to be raped by Aphrodite. He has no way out of the situation when suddenly Hermes, who had not been so much as mentioned up to that point, shows up. He doesn't actually save the day, but does provide enough of a distraction to give the rest of the main cast time to show up.

  • Dream: In "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE," after he goes underwater and digs down, he finds some diamonds. Christmas music starts playing.

  • Frequently delivered by random old men in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. Cao Cao apparently has a subscription with Deus Ex Machina Services, Inc.

  • In Keit-Ai, an unexplained deus ex machina is responsible for letting a boy get the phone number of his crush, only to realize later that it was actually from the alternate universe version of his crush instead.

  • The Lay of Paul Twister: When Paul Twister is right about to get caught by a guard, an angelic warrior whose life he had saved at the beginning of the story shows up to conveniently provide a distraction, just long enough for him to get away. Paul is a bit freaked out by this, since it seems to have come out of nowhere and required knowledge that she shouldn't have had, and he figures that whatever he's caught up in is probably about to get worse. Things like that just didn't happen to me, suddenly being bailed out by an unexpected ally, just seconds after being caught flat-footed. And she was a Celestial, to boot. Seriously, all that was missing was the ''machina''!

  • Played for Laughs in The Onion Sports Dome reporting a collapse of the Staples Center had brought an early end to a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns where the home team Clippers were on the losing end of a Curb-Stomp Battle.

  • Anything classified as Thaumiel by The SCP Foundation essentially works as this trope, being objects that could be of benefit to the Foundation. Of particular note is SCP-2000, which basically acts as a Reset Button to clone humanity in the event of an apocalypse.



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