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Telerik Controls Q1 2013 SP1: What's New and Improved

Telerik Controls Q1 2013 SP1: A Review

If you are a developer who works with Silverlight, WPF, or WinForms, you might be interested in Telerik Controls Q1 2013 SP1, a set of UI components that can help you create stunning and functional applications. In this article, we will review some of the new features and improvements that Telerik Controls Q1 2013 SP1 offers.

Telerik Controls Q1 2013 SP1

Diagram Service Customization

One of the highlights of Telerik Controls Q1 2013 SP1 is the Diagram Service Customization feature, which allows you to change the internal diagram services of RadDiagram. This means that you can customize the default behavior of the diagram, such as dragging, resizing, rotating, snapping, and more. For example, you can create your own service that handles the connection points of the shapes, or modify the existing one to suit your needs.

Mouse Position Indicator in Ruler