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Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones Movie In Hindi 46

For the 2010 movie adaptation, the Prince is given the name Dastan.[11] Dastan is a street urchin adopted by the Persian king Sharaman. An adult Dastan is sent with his brothers to attack the city of Alamut on the word of Sharaman's brother Nizam, claiming the Dagger of Time which Alamut's princess Tamina keeps safe. Nizam, who wants to use the Sands' power to make himself king, kills Sharaman and frames Dastan. Now on the run, Dastan allies with Tamina to prevent Nizam's scheme. They all reach the Sands, and Tamina sacrifices herself when Nizam unlocks the Sands so the Prince can use them himself. Dastan turns back time while retaining the Dagger and his memories, allowing him to foil Nizam's plot. To make amends to Alamut, Dastan and Tamina enter a political marriage, with Dastan returning the Dagger to Tamina as an engagement gift.

Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones Movie In Hindi 46


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