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Super Mario Wii - Search Results

Since 2022, this Easter egg is no longer commonly found on Google search results, but you can still play a fully functional replica on So, why not have some fun and revisit this classic game today?

super mario wii - search results

To activate the Google Mario trick, users need to search for "Super Mario Bros" or "Mario Bros" on Google, and then click on the question mark icon next to the "Search" button. This will transform the search results page into a game where the user controls Mario, jumps over obstacles, and collects coins. The Google Mario trick is a fun way for fans of the classic game to enjoy a nostalgic gaming experience right from the Google Search page.

Naturally, Google -- never shy about expressing its love of video games -- paid tribute through a clever use of search results. Google "Super Mario Bros" and click on the question box on the right side.

I have a mysql/php query which searches through a database and returns matches based on a search string that has been input by the user, it is sorted by title ascending, however we would really like it to be sorted by best match (similar to the way ElasticSearch ranks search results with a score).

As to why this happened, Meatball132 believes this was likely due to an error on Google's search results, which bring up images from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii if you search "New Super Mario Bros. Wii Cactus". It's not the first time that the team behind Super Nintendo World has fallen foul here, considering a fan-made Mario render was spotted on the official website last month.

This evidence has encouraged research into using cognitive training techniques that would target the hippocampal system with the aim to prevent cognitive decline associated with decreased hippocampal grey matter [1, 2]. One technique that has shown promise in promoting targeted hippocampal growth in young adults has been with the use of 3D-platform video game training. Findings from a correlational analysis found that time spent playing platform video games, such as Super Mario 64 and puzzle/logic games such as Tetris, was associated with more grey matter in the entorhinal cortex [14], a structure that is both structurally and functionally connected to the hippocampus. A follow-up longitudinal training study conducted by the same research team showed that young adults who trained on Super Mario 64 for two months displayed a significantly different amount of grey matter in the hippocampus when contrasted with a passive no-contact control group [15]. Corroborating evidence supporting the positive impact of 3D-platform video game training on memory which was previously shown to be dependent on the hippocampus, in young adults, was obtained using a longitudinal training design with behavioral measures. It was demonstrated that young adults who trained on Super Mario 3D world showed increased spatial and episodic memory performance compared to people who trained on a 2D-control game [16]. Together, these results suggest that 3D-platform video game training can be beneficial to hippocampus dependent grey matter and memory.

Video game training and music training was also shown to increase grey matter in the cerebellum in older adults. The cerebellum is involved in balance and motor learning and control [36]. Further, grey matter loss in the cerebellum is related to decreased sensorimotor performance [37] and balance [38] in older adults. Our results therefore suggest that learning and efficiently executing new motor commands during 3D-platform video game training and music training has the potential to improve balance controlled by the cerebellum. Future research should examine the direct impact of 3D-platform video game and music training on measures of balance and gait in older adults to further explore this relationship. 041b061a72


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