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UPD Download The Devil Inside PC Game 2000

The Devil Inside is a survival horror third person shooter released by Cryo Interactive in 2000. The game is about a televised reality game show where Dave (that sometimes becomes Deva), accompanied by a camera man and a spycam, passes different levels shooting spontaneusly spawned zombies. The virtual world depicts fine enough the phyisical world for a 2000 game from the graphical quality point of view that somewhat brings back old memories about games like Blood 2 or the old GTA 3. During gameplay you can save by reaching checkpoints consisting of television sets. You can use the two companions to change perspective, perspective that also changes to aerial helicopter view on certain script events. Dave changes to Deva by activating pentagrams at certain moments in the game. The differences between these two types is that Dave is a gun-character with limited ammo (that can be restored by picking up some during gameplay), nonimune to fire, and Deva is a spell-character with limited mana (that can be fast-recovered by extracting souls from some zombies), immune to fire and she can also fly. Some things I really hate about this game is the boredom of combat, the zombies are pretty inert and the shooting is just tedious. The aiming is also very inaccurate. The game does have some good parts as well such as special slow-motion FX when giving special damage to the zombies and the impressive spawning way of the mobs (burning from the ground) and there is also the spell casting which is quite nice. Overall, if you want to like this game you must get over it's drawbacks but be aware that you might find it hard to do.

Download The Devil Inside PC Game 2000

In 1999 a dangerous killer Harry Grimes is executed. Two years later, he escapes from hell, leading a pack of cursed stray souls who will stop at nothing to escape Lucifer's flames. Taking refuge in the HOLLYWOOD hills, the evil horde haunts SHADOW GATE, a sinister house in which every encounter could be fatal. Your mission is to purify the grounds, eliminate these living dead, and send their souls back to hell, in front of the cameras and a screaming audience gone amok, cheering on Jack T. Ripper, who's locked up in WWWL@ studios! But Dave has a gift. He can generate the devil inside him , and transform himself into DEVA, a powerful, first-rate female devil. All he has to do is pass through one of the activated pentacles scattered inside and outside of SHADOW GATE at just the right moment. Easy? Not when you consider ANGELINA, the vicious scientific reporter at SSSW. the top competing channel. She's really determined to prove that the DEVIL INSIDE show is nothing but a huge hoax. Is this to much for one person to handle? When you play DEVIL INSIDE there are two of you, and changing channels is not an option!

Speaking of freedom, there are a lot of side missions you can do. Steal an ambulance and play the role of a paramedic or jump inside a cop car and help the police chase the criminals and other wrongdoers, to name a few examples. What made this game unique when speaking of the GTA franchise, is the fact, that it was the first time players were able to play it in a 3D environment, making the whole experience so much more realistic.

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