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One Piece Episode 712 Extra Quality

It's a good thing I was sold very quickly on Dellinger's viscousness, because his sudden defeat comes as a very satisfying left turn. This leaves the final conflict of the episode on Cavnedish/Hakuba, a character who's supposed to be one of the good guys, but currently seems more interested in using his great speed and power to make everybody's day worse as he goes in for the attack against Bartolomeo and Robin.

One Piece Episode 712

The last episode threw the pacing of these fights off a little bit, but its strange reconfiguration of events allowed a little bit more to happen this week than what happened in the manga's corresponding chapter. Instead of simply ending at Dellinger's defeat, we get to sit in Hakuba's presence a bit, really milking the intensity and fear he can bring considering he's powerful, evil and probably the fastest guy on the island right now.

If we're going to be spending so much time on these fights, it's a good thing the show is able to mix up the source of conflict every once in a while. Giving one of the good guys an evil alter-ego is a nice way to keep our heroes' hands full in amusing ways as the villains drop one-by-one around them, and the big save moment Robin gets to have at the cliffhanger of the episode is really satisfying too. This is a pretty solid episode across the board. It's not quite as entertaining as the Sai and Baby 5 episode, but all the Dellinger and Hakuba related violence is still pretty fun.

In this episode, Cavendish and Bartolomeo will battle the executives Gladius and Dellinger. This episode will cover some the events of "One Piece" chapter 772 and 773 and here is the summary of the episode courtesy of "One Piece" wiki.

The episode begins with Cavendish arguing with Bartolomeo for not letting him inside the barrier as soon as possible. Then, Gladius tries to shoot some bombs on Robin but Bartolomeo stops him. As a token of gratitude, Robin gives him a wink which made him run wild in the area.

In the next episode, more details about Cavendish and Hakuba will be revealed and Bartolomeo will have the spotlight on him as he will try to settle the score with Gladius. Fans can watch "One Piece" episode 711 with English sub at Anime Joy by clicking this link. Also, here's a preview of the next episode.

The twelfth episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX on July 20, 2010, airing as a double feature alongside the eleventh episode. In that episode, the chefs made dishes on a budget, a showmance reached its climax, and an arrogant chef was put back in their place during dinner service.

The following day, the chefs rode in the SUVs to the Owen's Market, where Ramsay greeted them. He introduced the Budget Challenge after reminding them that every great chef had to think about the cost and being profitable. After, each of them received $10, and they had 10 minutes to shop for ingredients to create a stunning dish. When the countdown began, Jay revealed that he was responsible for making the food profitable at his own restaurant and was confident as it was the epidemy of what he was doing. Then, Jay ordered a lamb chop, and Benjamin ordered a lamb loin while declaring that he was cooking fresh and simple food. Autumn bought a piece of veal as she knew it was expensive and that it was not being offered to people very often. Holli did not know what she would cook as she just grabbed ingredients to keep under the budget. Jason thought that buying cheap was better, so he purchased some frozen ravioli. When the chefs went to pay, everybody respected the $10 budget, except Holli, who passed it by more than two and a half dollars.

Welcome back to the bold beginning series with me and Jenny Smith. Today's two parter happens in Episode 711 and 712. This is bold beginnings terminology part two. In these two episodes, Jenny and I define every word that's available to you in the defining diabetes series. At the time of this recording, there were over 40 definitions. We did a quick definition for newly diagnosed people and left you the episode number so you can go back and get a more complete definition. If you've just been diagnosed. Or if you're trying to figure things out, it is our estimation that this two part episode, part of the bowl beginning series will catch you up on terminology very quickly. If you're looking for the defining diabetes series, it's available at juicebox diabetes And in any audio app that you listen in, join the Facebook group Juicebox Podcast type one diabetes to find the lists of all the series in the featured section. This episode of The Juicebox Podcast is sponsored by Ian pen from Medtronic diabetes. And because of the format of this episode, I'm going to put the ad right here for you so that you don't have to take a break while you're power listening through these definitions. Isn't that cool of impelled to let that happen? Thank you and pen, even though I didn't ask you, but I know you're listening. So just be cool. All right. All right, ready the pen. It's an insulin pen. But it's more than that. Because it's attached to an application on your iPhone or Android phone. This application is going to do many of the things you've heard about people getting from their insulin pumps, you'll be able to see your current glucose right on the screen, a dosing calculator, active insulin remaining meal history, dose history, glucose history, activity logs, and you can generate reports based on your data. Not only that, but you're getting a great insulin pen, everything you expect the cap the needle, the insulin cartridge holder, it's an insulin pen, just like you've come to expect. But it gives you more with this attached app. You can go right now to N pen To find out more and get started. And I'm gonna tell you what terms and conditions apply, but you may pay as little as $35 for the in pen. Medtronic diabetes does not want costs to be a roadblock to you getting the therapy that you need. Within Penn's Access Program. You may pay as little as $35. Where will you find that out? At in Penn On this site, tons of frequently asked questions that you're going to be interested in just scroll to the bottom. What is the M pen? How much does it cost? Our insulin cartridges included? Does M pen work with long acting insulin? Can I pair more than one M pen to an app? You want to know the answers to those questions? Go right now to in pen and get your answer if you're ready to try the M pen when you're at the link. Just follow the easy instructions it says ready to try you complete a short form. And just like that you're on your way. In pen forward slash juicebox in pen requires a prescription and settings from your healthcare provider. You must use proper settings and follow the instructions as directed where you could experience high or low glucose levels. For more safety information visit in Penn Yeah, okay. Haha, there it is. So Jenny and I are back. This is another day we recorded from Bolus to feeding insulin. And now we're gonna go to Episode 347 and the defining diabetes series. This is another made up I think this is one of the last ones that I made up for a while. Yeah, it is. But this one's called bump and nudge. So, you know what, Jenny, I've described how I think of it all the time, but you've heard me talking about it so much. How do you think about it? Now that I've explained it to you?

Scott Benner 5:09So there's been this. There was once a discussion online where people said, do you think of somebody asked me one time, do you think of bumping his insulin or bumping his carbs, and everybody, because I've never really said it before, but in my mind, I nudge with food and bump with insulin, I think and I'm the opposite. You think of it the other way, it doesn't really matter the way in 20 seconds. The way I describe it to people is when you're driving in a lane, and there's a line on your right, a line on your left, if you start to slowly drift towards the line, you don't quickly yank the wheel back the other way, you just sort of bring it back just ever so slightly to come back into toe again, right? To be straight again. So instead of waiting till your blood sugar, 60 and falling, what if when it was 85, and it was just sort of drifting down, if you just had a couple of carbs, if you just sort of nudged it back up again, or bumped it back up again, it really doesn't matter which one strikes you in your mind. And similarly, why not lower your CGM alarm to more like 120 so that when you're kind of drifting up gently, you can give a small amount of insulin and bump that number back down. Because a lot of times less insulin gives you less of a chance of a low later so just instead of waiting to your wildly, you know, instead of waiting till you're off the road in the weeds and bouncing through the holes, when you see the line just sort of come back a little bit bumping and nudging. It's really the whole thing. So that's episode 347. And Jenny episode 352 is rage Bolus. Go ahead, do Rachel.

Scott Benner 7:29so it's like taking a bucket of insulin. Just be like, I can't take this anymore. It generally doesn't go well. There there is. We'll wait till we get to it. So that's episode 352. Rage Bolus. Episode 358 is compression low and interstitial fluid. I think we started off making a compression load defining and ended up explaining what interstitial fluid is because I compression low if you're wearing a CGM, you've got this wire under your skin, the sensor whatever they call it, filament, doesn't matter. It's a thing. It's under your skin. These are all things that they've been Yes, those are all good words. It's measuring your interstitial fluid.

Scott Benner 12:09Right? There are multiple episodes throughout the podcast that go deep, deep into how to Bolus for fat and protein, Episode 378. Don phenomenon. I might have to really get you to lean in on the technicalities of the next three really. So really, yeah. Because I know what the dawn phenomenon is, like, I know that there's this time around, ready, you're testing me two or three o'clock in the morning, right? Where your body kind of gives off some glucose glucagon from your liver, something from your liver. Is that right? Or 041b061a72


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