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[S2E11] Death Will Have His Day PORTABLE

Nichole: I think Zhilan will feel compelled to try to do something to save Mia. Maybe Nicky will soften on her when she sees her genuinely trying to help. We need everyone to come together! The cast is all teasing a very surprising ending that no one will expect. Do you have thoughts about what would qualify as something that surprising?

[S2E11] Death Will Have His Day

What did I miss? The police will now have THREE bodies for two people, two corpses and one living.1 dead SSR1 alive SSR1 dead Ae-GyoWe, the viewers know that the pet cremation body was a fake and there was no body. But for the police in the drama, there are now three bodies for two people.

Enraged at her failed coup, Camilla drowns Mimi in a bathtub that night and staged her death as a suicide, but is foiled when it turns out that Lucious, predicting Camilla's actions, had snuck into her apartment and quickly recorded the entire event. Threatening her that he'll send her to prison by giving the evidence to the cops and the fact that she'd have to face Mimi's family in court. Breaking down, Camilla pleads to Lucious to kill her, though he was tempted he refused to give her such mercy and convinces Camilla to kill herself by drinking her own poison, and so she does. Satisfied, Lucious told her to rot in the afterlife before he left the apartment.

Walt and Skyler meet with Dr. Delcavoli and Dr. Victor Bravenec, a thoracic surgeon. Dr. Bravenec tells Walt he is a candidate for an aggressive, risky surgery to remove his lung tumor. Learning that he's "just waiting for the cancer to spread" if he passes, Walt agrees to the surgery even though the bill could run as high as $200,000. Later that day, Jesse calls Walt to inform him of Combo's death, only for Walt to indirectly admit to not even remembering who Combo was, causing Jesse to hang up in disgust. Meanwhile, at Jesse's apartment, Skinny Pete bemoans Jesse's mandate to expand their territory and wants out of Walt's meth business, saying that they have lost their street cred now that everyone knows Jesse didn't actually kill Spooge.

Walt and Jesse visit Saul's office, where their conversation quickly devolves into an argument over who's to blame for their setbacks. Saul puts a stop to the argument and after checking with Jesse that Combo didn't have anything identifying him as one of their dealers, says that the police are unlikely to spend much effort investigating his death. Walt angrily complains that their distribution network has completely collapsed, leaving them with no way of shifting the thirty-eight pounds of meth they have to hand after their recent cooking session. Saul is momentarily stunned by this revelation, and then bluntly tells them that they "suck at peddling meth," but offers to put them in touch with a cautious, low profile businessman who will buy their thirty-eight pounds of product in bulk. Later that day, Jesse asks Jane to leave his apartment; he feels responsible for Combo's death and needs to smoke some crystal, but doesn't want her to risk a relapse. Jane suggests a support group meeting, but Jesse rejects the idea. Jane starts to leave, but turns around and follows Jesse into his bedroom.

Harvey goes to inspect the damage to the car Liam was driving, and states that the minimal damage and position will help them, as it corroborates Liam's story that he didn't see the other person. Mike approaches them and reveals the identity of the other person as Albert Chung, who was rushed to hospital the previous night after a 911 call; Liam then confirms that he was the one to make the call, which Harvey says he should have told them. Mike informs them that despite sustaining some injuries, including a concussion, Albert is stable. Harvey informs Liam that he has to turn himself in, despite the fact that it was an accident, as it will put then in a better position.

In Harvey's office, Mike informs his superior that Albert Chung was wearing entirely black when he was knocked down, as he was tagging a wall with graffiti just prior to the accident and did not wish to be seen. Mike asks if Harvey intends to use this information to "stick it to Katrina", but he replies that Mike will do so instead, as given that Katrina's agenda is to beat him, Mike will be able to obtain a better deal going alone. Mike goes to see Katrina, and presenting her with the evidence they have, she agrees to accept the deal they proposed. She states that her desire is to work at Pearson Hardman, and asks that in return for her accepting Mike's deal, he put in a good word for her with Harvey.

Louis arrives at Sheila's hotel suite and finds her already waiting for him, wearing very little. She interrupts him as he approaches her, and asks who the front-runner is for the associate position. He immediately replies that it is Maria Monroe, to which Sheila states that she already knows, but that she wasn't going to just "serve up [her] best candidate on a silver platter". Louis informs Sheila that he will need her help in closing Maria, to which she eagerly agrees. Sheila then asks Louis if he requires a safe word, which he declines, and the two of them proceed to have intercourse.

Mike visits Liam, and takes him through the deal he arranged with Katrina. He assures Liam that there will be no more problems after he has signed the deal, and Liam does so, though he comments on the fact that he is only getting community service and a fine. Mike states that Liam seems disappointed; Liam subsequently thanks Mike for his efforts in breaking the deal, but points out that it could have been a lot worse, and chastises himself for his actions. Mike attempts to comfort him by stating that the Chung family doesn't blame Liam for what happened, but Liam reveals that whilst he wasn't drunk when the accident occurred, he was high. Mike berates him for not telling them sooner, and lies to Liam when he asks whether it is still a done deal.

Back at Pearson Hardman, Harvey approaches Jessica and asks whether she was aware Louis had hired a new associate for himself. Jessica replies that he is entitled to do so, but Harvey states that she has to stop him. She responds by requesting that he let go of the animosity he has towards to Louis. Harvey pulls her into the conference room, and informs her that Maria was secretary of Mike's "class" at Harvard, and could expose him as a fraud. Jessica is sceptical that Maria would remember everyone in the class, but Harvey states that she does. Jessica voices her annoyance that Mike's lie is again going to cause her problems. She requests Louis visit her in her office, and reveals to him that he will have to rescind the offer he made to Maria, as after the firm's recent turmoil, she has decided to impose a hiring freeze. Louis, however, suggests that Jessica is merely punishing him for voting against her, but Jessica is undeterred, and orders him to find a way to rescind the offer, before dismissing him.

Sean T. Collins (@theseantcollins) writes about TV for Rolling Stone, Vulture, The New York Times, and anyplace that will have him, really. He and his family live on Long Island.

At the beginning of the episode, he is a sophomore at the Morton School. A few weeks after attending a seminar on anger excitation by Reid, he comes across the first victim of Ronald Weems, a serial killer targeting prostitutes. Feeling excited by the sight of her corpse, he waits for Reid at the subway station he usually takes to the FBI. After asking a few increasingly disturbing questions, Nathan leaves. Reid draws a picture of him out of his memory and uses it, combined with his memories of what Nathan said about himself and was dressed, to find his address. When the BAU take him in for questioning, he is writing a short story featuring graphic descriptions of a prostitute being stabbed to death, which he claims was the text for a graphic novel about Jack the Ripper. After performing a psychological evaluation of Nathan, Gideon recommends to Nathan's mother that he be placed in medical care. She agrees to have him see someone on a daily basis but refuses to have him locked away.

Nick returns home to find his mother and father cleaning up their house. Neither of them will speak to him at first. Eventually Louis Sobotka tells his son that the police have a warrant for him at the South Eastern district.

Nick relates Vondas' offer of a meeting to Frank. Frank is angry with Nick for getting involved with drugs but has taken on board Louis' criticism and is even more angry with himself. He tells Nick that he is going to talk to the police. When Nick brings up Vondas' offer of help for Ziggy Frank reconsiders. Frank is enraged but decides to take the meeting, putting his son above his dreams for the docks. He refuses to let Nick accompany him, insisting that he will have no further dealings with The Greeks.

The Scouts closing their distance and Ymir's fickle allegiances worry Bertholdt. Ymir confesses to Historia that she only brought her for her own sake, desiring to have a chance of survival by pardoning the murder of their comrade from five years ago. Due to her family's close ties with the Order of the Walls, Historia is a valued asset for the Warriors. Despite Ymir's selfish motives, Historia assures her that she will always be on her side.

She goes to the Talon as Whitney, and proposes to Lana. Lana is overwhelmed and finally confesses that she broke up with Whitney while he was gone. He seems to accept her decision and asks her for her necklace and she gives it to him. Tina pretends to be Jonathan, subdues Clark with the necklace, and throws him into the storm cellar speculating that the meteor shower must have done something to him, too. She ties his arms behind his back saying that she knows whom Lana wants to be with, explaining that she loves Lana and she will do anything to be with her. She morphs into a copy of Clark saying how easy it will be to live as him. He has a perfect life: great parents, good friends. She leaves him languishing in the cellar. 041b061a72


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