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Where To Buy Lladro

This complex and laborious process has won Lladró worldwide recognition. The search for perfection also extends to quality control, where the finished sculpture undergoes various tests to certify that it fulfils the high standards demanded by the brand.

where to buy lladro


Welcome to The Prudent Collector where we are pleased to provide you with helpful information on how to date and authenticate your Lladro figurines based on the trademark backstamp or marking. We also endeavor to help you find discount prices on Lladro collectibles.

Is there a store you'd recommend as having good pricing, or are the dealers basically the same around Barcelona? We'll be staying near Las Ramblas and don't want to shop at a "touristy" shop where they might be overpriced. Thanks.

Juan, José, and Vicente Lladro first began producing their signature porcelain creations in their home village of Almàssera, Spain, in 1953. Their commitment to constantly improving their craft led to the opening of the first Lladro store in Valencia at the end of the decade (where the brand still maintains its global headquarters), followed by a gradual expansion around the world. 041b061a72


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