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Descarga gratis el libro Matemáticas para Administración y Economía de Soo Tang Tan en PDF

Matemáticas para Administración y Economía: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for a book that covers the most important concepts of mathematics that students of business, economics, and social sciences need for their future studies, you might want to check out Matemáticas para Administración y Economía by Soo Tang Tan. This book is focused on problem-solving and application, using examples and exercises from real-world situations. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide on what this book is about, why it is important, how to use it effectively, and where to find it.

matematicas para administracion y economia soo tang tan pdf

What is Matemáticas para Administración y Economía?

Matemáticas para Administración y Economía (Mathematics for Management and Economics) is a textbook written by Soo Tang Tan, a professor of mathematics at Rock Valley College in Illinois. It was published by Cengage Learning Latin America in 2005, and it has three editions so far. The book has 992 pages and contains 14 chapters that cover topics such as:

  • Linear equations and matrices

  • Linear programming

  • Differential calculus