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10 Day Jumping Jack Challenge

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Full ((BETTER)) Dhol Movies

What follows next is predictable of Priyadarshan's movies. The hawan scene is hilarious, as the four boys start pouring water on her home, as they think it is on fire when in truth, there is a havan pooja happening. Another hilarious moment is the office scene with Asrani where he pretends to be a Tanushree's prospective bridegroom.

full Dhol movies

As if on cue, Tanushree Dutta moves into the house next door along with her elderly grandparents. Even as they vie for her attention, each trying to outdo the other, our frightfully foolish foursome find themselves inadvertently involved in a mystery of unexplained suicides and believe it or not, a missing drum, thus justifying the title of this mindless movie, Dhol.


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