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10 Day Jumping Jack Challenge

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DHB zip

Renewed interests in the development of bioenergy, biochemicals, and biomaterials have elicited new strategies for engineering the lignin of biomass feedstock plants. This study shows, for the first time, that 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate (DHB) is compatible with the radical coupling reactions that assemble polymeric lignin in plants. We introduced a bacterial 3-dehydroshikimate dehydratase into hybrid poplar (Populus alba grandidentata) to divert carbon flux away from the shikimate pathway, which lies upstream of lignin biosynthesis. Transgenic poplar wood had up to 33% less lignin with p-hydroxyphenyl units comprising as much as 10% of the lignin. Mild alkaline hydrolysis of transgenic wood released fewer ester-linked p-hydroxybenzoate groups than control trees, and revealed the novel incorporation of cell-wall-bound DHB, as well as glycosides of 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid (DHBA). Two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (2D-NMR) analysis uncovered DHBA-derived benzodioxane structures suggesting that DHB moieties were integrated into the lignin polymer backbone. In addition, up to 40% more glucose was released from transgenic wood following ionic liquid pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis. This work highlights the potential of diverting carbon flux from the shikimate pathway for lignin engineering and describes a new type of 'zip-lignin' derived from the incorporation of DHB into poplar lignin.

Overshoe soles are a major area prone to wear, but dhb has used a Kevlar-reinforced fabric for the toes, the midfoot bridge and the heel, which should help. All the seams under the sole are hemmed with chunky elastic, with quadruple stitching for the seam under the midsole.

The heel opening is quite large, so road spray is more prone to get into the base here, particularly if your shoes have any vents towards the heel. Without a storm flap, the zipper can also let in water from wet roads.

Rachel has been writing about and reviewing bike tech for the last 10 years. Cynical by nature, Rachel never really trusts the marketing hype and prefers to give products a mighty good testing before deciding whether they're worth buying or not.

Rachel's first riding love is mountain biking where she's been European and UK 24hr Champion on more than one occasion. She's not just confined to the trails though and regularly rides - and occasionally races - on gravel and road too.

Everything from leg and arm warmers, to socks, to tops, caps and buffs make up the full merino collection, all of which constructed from high-quality merino fabric with the dhb care and attention to detail you can expect from a passionate cycling brand.

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Savings for Dhb Kids Clothing range from 40% off for the dhb Kids 1/4 Zip Short Sleeve Jersey to 50% off for the dhb Kids Cycle Shorts with a total of 14 Dhb Kids Clothing found. Showing 1-14 of 14 results

Wiggle's in-house clothing brand - dhb have launched a range of vibrant coloured clothing for their 2016 Autumn/Winter collection. The new Blok range features the Diamond, Prism and Grid designs. We got our hands on the new short sleeve dhb Blok Diamond Jersey.The Technologydhb launched their Blok clothing 3 years ago. The range broke away from the conventional colour-schemes of cycling clothing - introducing bold patterns and adding splashes of neon pinks, blues and oranges to their clothing. 3 years on, the colours are just as vivid and loud. The dhb Blok Diamond jersey is a mid-weight jersey with a performance fit. This means it is designed to fit somewhere between a relaxed fit and a race or form fit. The jersey is made from 100% polyester (pretty common practice now) and features a full-length YKK zip. The dhb Blok Diamond jersey is available in 3 colour options - blue/turquoise, purple or black/pink/blue and sizing ranges from XS - XXL.The fabric has a anti-bacterial properties which are designed to help the jersey stay fresher for much longer. The dhb Blok Diamond jersey also provides protection from the sun with a UVP30+ rating. Other features include a silicone gripper strip around the bottom of the jersey to help prevent it riding up. There are also 3 good-sized pockets on the back of the jersey and one small vertical zip pocket which sits nicely on the side of the right pocket. The base of the pockets feature just enough reflective detail to be significant.In UseThere are so many different jerseys available for cyclists now. It means that we have more choice than ever to find something that meets our own personal preferences and needs. Its great to see companies like dhb continuing to expand their styles and designs to cater for even the fussiest of riders like myself. Testing an XXL size, the dhb Blok Diamond jersey was close fit but not tight. Starting at the top, the collar of the jersey is a sensible length and unlike some jerseys it's not too restrictive. I found it very comfortable - even when fully zipped up. The full-length YKK zip pull is small enough to sit nicely tucked away. But its not too fiddle to open mid-ride if you need to cool down.Historically I found dhb tops came up a bit short in the body. I'd be pulling the back of the jersey down most of the ride. At 190cm tall, a jersey/top that is too short can be incredibly annoying. However, the company now seem to have their sizing about right. The sleeves on the dhb Blok Diamond jersey are slightly longer cut - similar to an aero-style jersey - although not as fitted. I found this gave a good freedom of movement without them riding up, in just about any position on the handlebars.During rides it didn't take long in the saddle to be impressed by its overall performance. There is no getting away from the fact that the dhb Blok Diamond jersey is very comfortable. I was perfectly happy both commuting and on longer 'Sunday rides' in it and the fabric is comfortable in most temperatures. As I mentioned earlier, the jersey is a mid-weight, so it can be worn comfortably on its own on hotter days or with a base layer on cooler rides. I did test the jersey on a couple of high tempo 'training rides'. Whilst the fabric is very breathable, jersey did struggle to wick away sweat. By the end of the ride, the it was a bit clingy and I could wring it out. To be fair, it was a very hot day and I think a lot of jersey's would have struggled.One of the nice things about dhb's clothing more recently, is the fact the fabric has an anti-bacterial treatment. This really helps the life-span of the jersey and after repeated uses and washes, the jersey is still nice and fresh. The triple pockets on the back are suitably large enough to provide ample storage room. The zip pocket is ideal for carrying cash or valuables - or even used energy gel/bar wrappers.dhb Blok Diamond Jersey Review Conclusiondhb have got themselves a real all-rounder in this jersey. The Blok Diamond jersey is as comfortable to wear commuting with a rucksack as it is on a long weekend 'club ride'. The inclusion of bright colours and bold designs are a refreshing break away from a more traditional style - although the 3 colour options and bright patterns may not meet everyone's taste. The cut of the jersey sits nicely when riding and the longer sleeve length is surprisingly comfortable. I didn't find myself adjusting them or pull them down all the time. In fact - it is hard to fault the overall comfort and performance of this jersey. From a price point the dhb Blok Diamond jersey retails at 45.00 from Wiggle. We think this is reasonable for a jersey that ticks the boxes for performance, comfort and style. 041b061a72


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