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10 Day Jumping Jack Challenge

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This release contains: * First release of version 3.0 * SDK API rewritten to more closely align with analytics.js. See javadoc and /analytics/devguides/collection/android/v3/ for details. * All track and send methods removed. Instead, you can use the send method and the corresponding construct methods in the MapBuilder class to send hits. See the class Fields for a list of constants you can use to build hits using set and send. * Many of the various properties have also been removed, including useHttps, anonymizeIp, etc. You can set/reset those properties using the set command. * EasyTracker now extends Tracker. There is no need to call EasyTracker.getTracker to make tracking calls directly. * The SDK no longer sets the session control flag to start on startup. Developers are now responsible for determining if a new session is needed. Note that EasyTracker still handles session management as before. * The SDK now supports a custom logging class. See Logger in the javadoc for details. * dryRun mode has been added. * clientId can now be read. Simply call tracker.get(Fields.CLIENT_ID). This call will block until the clientId has been loaded from the persistent store. * The SDK will no longer retry hits based on the HTTP response code.

IncrediMail 2 Premium 6 29 Build


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