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Buy Clothes Near Me

When a person wants to sell to a consignment store, they have to bring in their items completely cleaned. Almost all consignment stores require that your clothes, shoes, and accessories be like-new or in very good condition.

buy clothes near me


Thrift stores receive items by donation, so the clothes and accessories might be damaged, well-worn, or be from lower-tier brands. Consignment stores pay people a percentage of the amount the item is sold for and the goods are usually mid-tier or designer brands. Consigned items have to be in good condition and are always laundered or dry-cleaned.

ThredUp is one of the biggest online consignment stores. They feature a range of brands including Gap, J. Crew, and Old Navy. You can also shop in their designer section which features luxury clothes and accessories from Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs.

Some of your clothes may not find a buyer on the resale market, or you may just want to donate them to someone who needs them. There are several charities that will take your used clothes and either give them to people in need or sell them and use the proceeds to fund their charitable activities.

With locations in California, Colorado, Texas, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and the East Coast, primarily in upscale areas, Crossroads offers both resale and consignment. You can bring your clothing into a Crossroads store, or you can mail in your clothes.

Laura Reilly is a writer and editor with over six years of experience covering fashion and beauty shopping news. She has written for InStyle, Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, People, Thrillist, Nylon, and more. She also publishes a weekly shopping newsletter, Magasin, which highlights the top news, sales, and goings-on when it comes to buying clothes online.

NamePrice*ReviewSummaryYear FoundedOnline StoreRetail LocationAsh & Erie$$$Ash & Erie reviewEveryday clothes designed for guys 5'8" and below2015Yesn/aUnder 510$$Under 510 ReviewModern, affordable clothes for shorter guys2018YesCedarhust, NYBantam Clothing$$Coming soon...UK-based clothing brand for the shorter gentleman2020YesUnited KingdomJimmy Au's$$$$Jimmy Au's reviewThe original short men's clothing store1982NoBeverly Hills, CAFor the Fit$Coming soon...Clothes designed for tall men and short men2005Yesn/aASKET$$$ASKET reviewPremium casual wardrobe staples for men2015Yesn/aPeter Manning$$$Peter Manning reviewClassic American clothing for "not so tall" men2011YesNew York, NYBuck Mason$$$Buck Mason reviewModern American classics for daily wear2013YesNew York, NYLos Angeles, CA*Pricing

We have nothing, but amazing things to say about Revolve. Their chic clothes, trendy accessories, and overall vibe are something The LA Gir lives for! Revolve has go-to outfits for each and every event you are planning on attending, whether that is a music festival or a wedding, Revolve is the place to order from.

While not all donated second hand clothes find a second home, the unsold stuff from organizations like Salvation Army and Goodwill typically go to for-profit clothes recycling centers, such as Viltex.

Hey great suggestions! You should check out as well! It lets you swap clothes and anything else for free! Plus SwapaBee is really into helping people through charity and stopping world wide waste! I highly recommend checking it out!

There are likely luxury consignment shops near you as well. Ask around or check your local Yelp and Google listings. Such stores may be referred to as vintage clothing stores, antique shops, used clothing stores, or thrift shops.

For the vast majority of used clothes, jewelry, household and other items, selling directly to a thrift store, buyback site, or directly to the seller is usually a better deal because it is quick, less work, and you can easily get rid of items you do not need or want. 041b061a72


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