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10 Day Jumping Jack Challenge

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Actua Soccer 3

The odd thing is i did actually have this game working in windows 10 until recently. i have no idea what changed - maybe something in a windows update? I had it in my dxwnd profile and just tried it again to check it out, but no go, game wont even start anymore

Actua Soccer 3

okay i think there is something odd going one with my computer and i am wondering if it has been caused by some windows update or Nvidia card update because there is nothing i can think of having done myselfi am finding a number of old games I have from the late 90s and early 2000s period are now not working whereas they did before - whether by using a No-CD and or something else - NHL 2004 was working fine for me before and it will still loading up and get to the main menu but as soon as i click on anything the game will crash. UEFA Champions LEAGUE 2004-2005 (also EA) will crash as soon as the intro is done and you press any keymicrosoft international soccer was working for me before iwht a NO-CD - as this is neede ddue to the old safedisc drm on the game, , but now it doesnt work

Thanks for your reply, I was send that over today, though be aware that Ihave been testing a number of games since then and so the crash.log willhave a lot on it.Also o had uninstalled actua 3 to try and reinstall it ( though theuninstall didnt work properly so I had to just delete the folders) when Itried to reinstall actua soccer 3, the installation I can'tbecause game is not compatible with win NT; even though I set thecompatibility to win95 ( which worked the first time I installed the game)

thanks forlooking also Gho - i had also been trying to get aroudn the install, by taking the folder from my vmware install and putting it back in my host system but that was not working for me either.- actually in vmware i couldnt get teh game to run after installing it, i was able to get it running in PCEM though, but only in software mode and at the lowest resolution.

do i need to point to a CD image in the fake cd section? when i read hte help part it never makes any sense - it says every file search with a full path starting with x: - what does this mean? what is searching? how do i know what path files might be searching for?is it dxwnd that is searching or is it the game exe? do i need to actually install the game first or can this all get around this?

Gearbox, the developer of Borderlands, will tell you the game is an RPS -- a 'role-playing shooter' -- but in reality it's just a first-person shooter with pre-pubescent aspirations of being an RPG. Critical to an RPG's appeal is the ability to develop characters, relationships and story -- three things over which the game falls flat on its looks-cel-shaded-but-actually-isn't face. It has about three lines of dialogue in total, characters that seem to hate talking, and a story so vacuous and wafer-thin I still don't even really know what the hell I was aiming to achieve.

Figures, point the finger game. Way to go Washington. Im just hoping that "We The People" will put forth "Revolt" votes this up and coming go around. Sad thing is there will be more complaining then actual votes that will be needed to turn this circus around

That is what Democrats do best... BLAME OTHERS... point the finger ...but had the senate passed cut cap and balance...S&P would have had their 4 trillion in cuts... Lets open the playbook...Blame cant use that one again...especially since people are starting to realize Reid and Pelosi ran Congress under Bush... Be thankful for the healthcare we rammed down your throats when controlled the entire govt...and now blame the tea party for actually trying to put an end to the madness

You are a typical Conservative. Conservatism has driven this country into the ground since 1980, and you are completely blind to it. It was Reagan-Bush-Bush who added $8.5 trillion to the national debt for no reason. It was Conservative presidents who invaded the wrong countries looking for WMDs that didn't exist and looking all over Afghanistan for a man who was in Pakistan watching soccer on wide screen TV.

The downgrade actually reflects the lost credibility of Standard & Poor. The U.S. is the most powerful country in the history of the world... it's currency is the world's reserve currency - where else can one turn? Plus... the U.S. prints its own money. The U.S. dollar is the standard... how can one downgrade the standard? 041b061a72


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