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Kotor 2 Dantooine Holocron

Kotor 2 Dantooine Holocron

A holocron is a device that stores and preserves the knowledge and teachings of the Jedi or the Sith. In Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Kotor 2), there are several holocrons that can be found throughout the game, each with its own backstory and significance. One of these holocrons is located on the planet Dantooine, a former Jedi stronghold that was attacked by the Sith during the Jedi Civil War.

How to find the Dantooine holocron

The Dantooine holocron is not part of the main quest, but rather a side quest that can be triggered by talking to a farmer named Suulru near the Khoonda settlement. Suulru will tell you that his moisture vaporators have been stolen by someone and he suspects that the salvagers are behind it. He will ask you to find the thief and recover his equipment.

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To start the quest, you need to have a lightsaber equipped, as Suulru will notice it and assume that you are a Jedi. If you don't have a lightsaber yet, you can either come back later when you do, or use a console command to give yourself one. Alternatively, you can use a mod that restores the original quest, where you can buy back the vaporators from a salvager named Jorran in the Enclave sublevel.

Once you accept the quest, you need to head to the Jedi Enclave, which is located east of Khoonda. On your way, you will encounter various enemies, such as kinrath, kath hounds, and mercenaries. You will also find a crash site where you can collect some parts for another side quest given by a mechanic named Saedhe.

Before entering the Enclave, you will see a salvager camp where you can talk to a woman named Daraala and a man named Ralon. Daraala will sell you some Jedi relics and ask you to bring her any dead bodies you find in the Enclave sublevel. Ralon will try to sell you a fake holocron for 500 credits. You can either buy it, persuade him to lower the price, or threaten him to give it to you for free. This fake holocron is not the one you are looking for, but it can be sold later for some profit.

After entering the Enclave, you will find a door that leads to the sublevel. You will need to fight your way through some laigreks, which are mutated beasts that infest the ruins. In one of the rooms, you will find a man named Jorran who is trapped by some laigreks. You can either help him escape or leave him to die. Jorran is not the thief either, but he has some useful items that he will give you if you save him.

The real thief is a young Jedi padawan named Kaevee who has been hiding in the Enclave since the Sith attack. She has been using her force powers to control the laigreks and steal from the salvagers. You will encounter her in the council chamber after clearing out all the laigreks in the sublevel. She will initially pretend to be an innocent survivor, but you can expose her lies by using your awareness or persuade skills.

How to get the Dantooine holocron

Once you confront Kaevee, she will admit that she has been stealing from Suulru and others. She will also reveal that she has found a Sith holocron in the Enclave archives and has been using it to learn more about the dark side of the force. She will then offer to trade you the holocron for your lightsaber, or challenge you to a fight if you refuse.

You have several options to deal with Kaevee and get the holocron:

  • You can agree to trade your lightsaber for the holocron. This will earn you some light side points, but you will lose your weapon and have to find or craft another one.

  • You can refuse to trade your lightsaber and fight Kaevee. This will earn you some dark side points, but you will keep your weapon and get the holocron after defeating her.

  • You can persuade Kaevee to give you the holocron without a fight. This will require a high persuade skill and some light side alignment. This will earn you some light side points and you will keep your weapon and get the holocron.

  • You can persuade Kaevee to join you as a Sith apprentice. This will require a high persuade skill and some dark side alignment. This will earn you some dark side points and you will keep your weapon and get the holocron. Kaevee will also follow you to the Ebon Hawk and become a party member, but she will not have any dialogue or influence options.

After you get the holocron, you can either keep it for yourself or return it to Suulru. If you keep it, you can use it to learn some Sith teachings, such as Force Crush or Force Fear. If you return it, you will earn some light side points and some credits from Suulru. Either way, you will complete the quest and gain some experience points.


The Dantooine holocron is one of the many hidden secrets that can be discovered in Kotor 2. It is a valuable item that can enhance your force abilities or provide some extra income. It is also a part of a restored content mod that adds more depth and complexity to the game's story and characters. Whether you are a Jedi or a Sith, a collector or a trader, a seeker or a finder, the Dantooine holocron is worth looking for.


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