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Arlo The Alligator Boy Fix

Arlo Beauregard, a boy who is half-human and half-alligator, is placed in a sewage drain under New York City shortly after his birth, where he is taken by a stream of water into the ocean. Arriving in a swamp, Arlo is adopted and raised by a woman named Edmée. As a teenager, Arlo wishes to interact with other people but fears his alligator appearance will not be accepted by society. Edmée gives him his birth wristband on his fifteenth birthday and reveals to Arlo that he is from New York, and unaware that he was actually abandoned, Arlo decides to travel to the city to find his biological father, Ansel Beauregard.

Arlo the Alligator Boy

While traveling, Arlo is spotted by a person who contacts two alligator hunters, Ruff and Stucky, to retrieve him using a creature known as "the Beast". After the hunters find him, Arlo is rescued by Bertie, who is also a teenager. At a wrestling club, the pair meet Furlecia, Teeny Tiny Tony, and Alia, who agree to drive Arlo and Bertie to NYC after they help rescue their friend Marcellus from an aquarium.

Parents need to know that Arlo the Alligator Boy is aimed squarely at kids, who will enjoy both its sweetness and its goofiness -- but there are some scary sequences to be aware of, too. They mostly involve an ominous "beast"; it's kept in the shadows for much of the movie, but it threatens others with its large size, ferocious growl, and glowing eyes. At one point, the beast drags a man away; at others, it appears poised to attack. The film's main character, Arlo (voiced by Michael J. Woodard), who's half alligator and half human, is also chased by characters who want to make him a part of their swamp creature tourist attraction. They're depicted as poor and uneducated, which plays into negative stereotypes of Southerners. Arlo's new friend, Bertie (Mary Lambert), comes to his rescue repeatedly, and they meet some unusual characters on their travels north from Cajun country to New York City, where Arlo hopes to find his birth father. The character Arlo believes to be his father represents big-city wealth and extravagance; there's some stereotyping of wealthy people being shallow. But Arlo and Bertie find a new family in their friend group and a place where they all belong, despite their differences and regardless of society's expectations. The characters demonstrate compassion and communication in their relationships with each other. Language includes "heck," "suckers," "fart," "freak." Arlo experiences a sugar high after crashing into a candy store. A character appears to spit tobacco juice, and another takes a shot of some liquor at his home bar.

Abandoned as a baby, half alligator and half human ARLO THE ALLIGATOR BOY weathers the high seas until his baby basket washes up at a rickety home in the bayou. There, a woman named Edmée (voiced by Annie Potts) adopts him and loves him as her own. But when Arlo (Michael J. Woodard) turns 15, he begins wondering what's out there beyond the bayou, and Edmée finally tells him the truth about his origins, brandishing a hospital bracelet from New York City with the name of his father on it. With Edmée's blessing, Arlo sets out north to find his father. Along the way, he's chased by two locals (voiced by Flea and Jennifer Coolidge) who want to capture him for their swamp tourist attraction, and he meets a series of interesting characters, including the large and strong Bertie (Mary Lambert), tigress Alia (Haley Tju), pink fur ball Furlecia (Jonathan Van Ness), Teeny Tiny Tony (Tony Hale), and fish-man Marcellus (Brett Gelman). In New York, he tracks down a wealthy real estate magnate (Vincent Rodriguez) he thinks might be his father.

Arlo is an alligator boy -- a boy who's half-human and half-alligator. Fifteen years prior to the events of the franchise, Arlo was born to Ansel Beauregard and an unnamed mother, at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. But because Ansel was concealing his bird-man appearance and feared Arlo would expose who he really is, he was forced to abandon him into the sewers, where he soon gets lost at sea for days before ending up in the Louisiana swamp where he is raised by an old swamp hermit named Edmée for fifteen whole years before learning the truth on his birthday. Since then, he has left the swamp and journeyed back to his birth home, assembling a friendship circle consisting of a group of abnormal misfits like him -- Bertie the teenage giantess, Teeny Tiny Tony the rat man, Furlecia the hairball, Alia the tigress, and Marcellus the reverse merman. After a long adventure of reaching the city, facing unforseen disownment from Ansel before finally being accepted by him, evading an evil hunter couple, and even restoring his dad's old boardwalk home to its pristine condition and making it his own, Arlo has gone on to enjoy his new life and learned how to live in the community where everyone has their own way of living.

Arlo is half-alligator, meaning he's human but with the appearance of an alligator. His skin is medium yellow-green with a pale yellow snout and belly, and has mussy, light red hair. He has a few chin hairs under his lower jaw, and a slight blush with three freckles on each cheek. He wears an off-white t-shirt and pale blue jeans which cuff up to just below his knees, held up by a single pale orange strap and with a hole at the back for his tail to poke through. He's also barefoot.

Over the years, Arlo grew up with Edmée but had very little experience with the outside world. Edmée has told him not to exceed the swamp boarders and see anything beyond, especially riverboats. In addition, the animals of the swamp didn't take very kindly to Arlo and resented him because of his alligator appearance. The only one who liked him was Jeromio, a frog Arlo befriended and kept as a pet.

Upon arrival on land, Arlo tries to get used to his new surroundings. He first meets a couple, Sandra June and Bradley Alouicious, who end up scared out of their car which Arlo has no knowledge of using. He ends up driving through the 50s neighborhood of Willow Button, where he experiences a sugar rush; unknown to him, however, he is spied upon by Lawrence, an agent who works for two poachers, Ruff and Stucky, who own a failing alligator experience in the swamp. By the time Lawrence informs the two of Arlo's prescience, they believe his appearance would make them rich and tourists would want to see something like him, prompting the two to pursue him along with their creature, The Beast. When Arlo first encounters the poachers and is nearly caught, he is saved last-minute by a giantess named Bertie, who escorts him on a train to Alabama and escape. However, Ruff and Stucky will stop at nothing to capture Arlo again, and opt to follow after him.

Just before the poachers could take Arlo back to the swamp, Bertie holds the Beast back, while a winged figure saves Arlo -- that figure turns out to be Ansel, who reveals to the crowd his true identity as a bird-man, and admits Arlo is indeed his son, having forsaken him. Ansel reveals to Arlo that many years ago, he lived in Seaside by the Seashore as a little boy but was teased and bullied by the children over his half-bird appearance; he swore then to hide his true self and pass himself off as a normal man, dedicating his whole life to gaining wealth and power so he could tear it all down. The night Arlo was born, he was shocked by his half-alligator appearance and worried that it would expose his identity, thus he disowned Arlo and abandoned him in the sewers. Arlo is nevertheless immediately forgiving of his father, and the two officially reunite.

Arlo Beauregard is a half-human, half-alligator boy with a big heart and a passion for music, who goes on an epic journey from the swamp to New York City to make friends and find the family he never thought he had! Keep checking this wiki for updates on Arlo and all his adventures!

Arlo is a kind, compassionate human-like alligator who sees the best in people. He is also fiercely loyal and brave. Initially, Arlo wonders if something is wrong with him, as he expresses such optimism and joy. But he is affirmed that there is nothing wrong with him. In fact, he has the kind of hope that most people need.

People make bets to see if Furlecia, a pink furball, will win a fight against a burly man. Furlecia is stabbed in the fur with a pitchfork in a fighting rink. A boy punches a fake alligator in the face. Alia is a crazy driver and nearly hits passersby. A thief tries to steal something and when he tries to escape a bucket of green goo falls on him.

This TV-PG movie tells the story of a little alligator-boy with a big personality who brings happiness and acceptance wherever he goes. Viewers learn lessons about the importance self-love and acceptance, and they see the value in community as Arlo makes a family from a misfit group of friends.

In this musical adventure film, Woodard plays Arlo -- a teen who is half alligator, half boy, that dares to leave his adoptive mother and swamp home as he sets out on a transformative journey to New York City in search of a father he's never known.

ARLO THE ALLIGATOR BOY is an animated coming-of-age musical comedy on Netflix about a young alligator boy who travels from a swamp in New Orleans to New York City to find his biological father. ARLO THE ALLIGATOR BOY has some funny comical moments and positive lessons about kindness and friendship, but the music is not very good, and the story has an alarmingly high level of offensive content and deliberately promotes an abhorrent homosexual, transgender agenda as well as bestiality.

Arlo Beauregard (voiced by Michael J. Woodard) is a part-human, part-alligator child who tossed into the ocean at birth but raised in the bayou by the kindly old Edmée (Annie Potts). He's a loner by necessity, and while he's joyously happy singing to the frogs in the swamp, he still dreams of seeing the world and making more friends. When he finds out his birth parents were from New York City, he sets out on a long trip north, teaming up with various other outsiders along the way. 041b061a72


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