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Twelve easy steps for posting a job on Indeed.\n","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -how-to-post-a-job-on-indeed-completed-800x800-20210716.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=250&dpr=2","height":"800","width":"800","estimatedCost":"@type":"MonetaryAmount","currency":"USD","value":"0.00","totalTime":"PT20M","step":["@type":"HowToSection","position":"1","name":"Posting a job on Indeed.\n","itemListElement":["@type":"HowToStep","position":"1","name":"Click on \"Post a job.\"\n","text":"You'll need to create an employer account before you can advertise your vacancy on Indeed. Navigate to\/hire and select \"Post a job\" in the middle of the page to initiate the process.\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step1","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -select-post-a-job-288x288-20210715.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","@type":"HowToStep","position":"2","name":"Enter some basic account information.\n","text":"Provide your company name, email address, and personal details. When you're ready, click on \"Continue.\"\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step2","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-enter-some-basic-account-information-288x288-20220513-1.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","itemListElement":["@type":"HowToTip","text":"Note that the account verification process may take longer if you don't provide a business email address. The steps that follow will also look slightly different.\n"],"@type":"HowToStep","position":"3","name":"Provide some information about your business.\n","text":"You'll be asked to include your company name and size, typical hiring budget, and similar details. You can also include a phone number. When you're ready, click on \"Continue.\"\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step3","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -provide-some-information-about-your-business-288x288-20210715-1.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","@type":"HowToStep","position":"4","name":"Enter basic information about the vacancy.\n","text":"Specify the industry, job title, and location. Then, click on \"Save and continue\" toward the bottom of the page.\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step4","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-enter-basic-information-about-the-vacancy-288x288-20220513_2022-05-13-061438_qejf.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","@type":"HowToStep","position":"5","name":"Specify the nature of the employment.\n","text":"Indicate whether it is a full-time, part-time, or another type of post, and specify the shift length. Then, highlight how many positions are available and how urgently you need to fill them. You can also specify how many people you would like to interview. Once you've completed this section, click on \"Save and continue.\"\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step5","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-specify-the-nature-of-the-employment-288x288-20220513_2022-05-13-061531_vdzk.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","@type":"HowToStep","position":"6","name":"Select how to complete your job post.\n","text":"Choose whether to complete the job post on your own or with smart recommendations. Once you have made your selection, click on \"Save and continue.\"\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step6","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-select-how-to-complete-your-job-post-288x288-20220513.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","itemListElement":["@type":"HowToTip","text":"Smart recommendations include a pre-populated job post template, data-driven job post improvements, and options to increase the visibility of your post.\n"],"@type":"HowToStep","position":"7","name":"Provide information about compensation.\n","text":"If you selected to complete the job post on your own, you will be directed to the compensation page.\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step7","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-provide-information-about-compensation-288x288-20220513_2022-05-13-061806_segd.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","itemListElement":["@type":"HowToDirection","text":"Enter a salary range, including tips, commission, or bonuses, if applicable.\n","@type":"HowToDirection","text":"Select any benefits that the job includes, such as health insurance or flexible work hours.\n","@type":"HowToDirection","text":"When you are ready, click on \"Save and continue.\"\n"],"@type":"HowToStep","position":"8","name":"Add a job description.\n","text":"Create a job description that details the successful hire's responsibilities, training, skills, and experience. Once complete, click on \"Save and Continue.\"\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step8","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-add-a-job-description-288x288-20220513.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","itemListElement":["@type":"HowToDirection","text":"Upload any photos and\/or videos to your post, if applicable.\n","@type":"HowToTip","text":"You can preview your job post at this stage by clicking on \"Show preview\" toward the bottom of the screen.\n","@type":"HowToDirection","text":"Click on \"Save and continue\" when you are happy with your job post.\n","@type":"HowToTip","text":"Use a job description template to streamline this process. We've created one that you can use for free.\n"],"@type":"HowToStep","position":"9","name":"Set your application preferences.\n","text":"Specify whether candidates should submit a resume with their applications. Then, indicate where Indeed ought to send you daily updates about your job post and candidates. Specify whether candidates should be allowed to contact your company about their applications.\nIndeed's Employer Assist tool will help streamline the recruitment process by removing candidates who you're not interested in. You can set the time period for this or disable the feature. Lastly, click on \"Save and continue.\"\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step9","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-set-your-application-preferences-288x288-20220513.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","@type":"HowToStep","position":"10","name":"Customize your prescreening criteria.\n","text":"Set the educational and experience requirements to help Indeed prescreen the applications. You can also add some application questions and skills tests. Then, click on \"Save and continue.\"\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step10","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-customize-your-prescreening-criteria-288x288-20220513.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","@type":"HowToStep","position":"11","name":"Preview your job post.\n","text":"On the next page, you will be able to review your job post. If you need to make any changes, click on the blue pencil icon next to the section you'd like to edit. Once you are happy with the job ad, click on \"Confirm.\"\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step11","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-preview-your-job-post-288x288-20220513.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","@type":"HowToStep","position":"12","name":"Sponsor your job, if desired.\n","text":"Indeed offers the option to sponsor job posts in order to boost their exposure. Firstly, specify when you would like to stop receiving applications.\n","url":" -to-post-a-job-on-indeed-section1-step12","image":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -indeed-sponsor-your-job-if-desired-288x288-20220513.jpeg?crop=1:1,smart&width=144&dpr=2","height":"288","width":"288","itemListElement":["@type":"HowToTip","text":"You'll be able to set a goal for the number of applications you'd like to receive. If you choose to sponsor your post, click on \"Save and continue,\" and then follow the prompts to make payment.\n","@type":"HowToTip","text":"Click on \"Post without budget\" if you'd like to advertise your vacancy for free.\n","@type":"HowToTip","text":"If you selected to post your job without a budget, your job ad will be reviewed before it goes live.\n"]]]} Indeed vs. LinkedIn:LinkedIn and Indeed are well-established sites that have broad reaches. Both are good options for finding new employees. However, Indeed is likely to reach a larger, more general audience, whereas LinkedIn is geared toward professionals. Read our in-depth comparison to discover the best option based on your needs.


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Indeed allows employers to post jobs on its site and reach a large number of potential candidates. Applications can be sent to employers via email. Alternatively, if the employer prefers, these can be sent directly to the company's careers page after clicking on the job listing.\n"}},"@type":"Question","name":"What are sponsored jobs on Indeed?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Sponsored jobs on Indeed are listings that are given greater visibility because an employer pays for each click it receives. Sponsored jobs appear above and below free job posts and stay there so that potential applicants can see them even as they're scrolling through free postings.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Does Indeed charge for job postings?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Yes, Indeed charges for sponsored job posts that appear above and below free listings. Prices are determined by employers themselves, who set budgets. Clients can also choose to post on Indeed for free, though such posts receive less visibility. That said, Indeed is arguably the best free job posting site.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Are there other sites like Indeed for employers?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"\nZipRecruiter.\nCareerBuilder.\nMonster.\nLinkedIn.\nCraigslist.\nWellfound.\nSnagajob.\nCleverism.\n\n","@type":"Question","name":"How much does it cost to post a job on Indeed?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Indeed offers a free job posting service. Sponsored job posts start from $5.00 per day for each potential applicant that clicks on the post. Employers set a total budget per day, as well as what they're willing to bid for each click from a potential applicant, so there's a significant amount of control over the potential cost.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Will Indeed post a job for me in multiple countries?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Yes, Indeed has a multilocation tool for posting, and they have active job boards in many countries. However, Indeed won't automatically advertise your job in other countries. After you've posted your job advert for a single location, edit it and click on \"Post in multiple locations.\"\n","@type":"Question","name":"What is sponsored job posting on Indeed?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"A sponsored posting is a paid job advert that is promoted on the site to attract more job seekers. Sponsored posts cost employers a minimum of $0.10 per click.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Is it free to post jobs on Indeed?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Yes, employers can post jobs on Indeed for free. Sponsoring the job may offer more exposure, but it's possible \u2014 and easy \u2014 to post for free.\n","@type":"Question","name":"How does Indeed compare to other sites?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"We have detailed comparisons between Indeed and ZipRecruiter, Dice, Monster, and LinkedIn. View these to discover how the job board compares to its competitors.\n","@type":"Question","name":"How do I access Indeed assessments?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"\nFrom your dashboard, click on \"My Assessments.\"\nClick on the assessment name.\n\n","@type":"Question","name":"How do I join Indeed?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"\nNavigate to\/hire.\nClick on \"Sign in\" in the top-right corner.\nSelect \"New to Indeed? Create an account.\"\nEnter your email address and a password.\nSelect \"Employer.\"\nClick on \"Create Account.\"\n\n","@type":"Question","name":"Does Indeed charge to view resumes?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Indeed offers a free resume search option that allows employers to preview resumes. The full resume database is only available with a subscription that starts at $100.00 per month or $960.00 per year.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Is sponsoring a job on Indeed worth it?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"While Indeed allows users to post jobs for free, such adverts tend to lose visibility over time as other newer posts are added to the list. Sponsoring your job post is a good way to ensure that more people see your post.\n"]} Related Articles:Indeed FlexIndeed Flex review with pricing, posting instructions, comparisons to competitors, and FAQs.Best Professional Job BoardsA list of the top job boards for hiring professionals.Best Remote Job Boards for 2023Discover the best job boards for posting and finding remote work opportunities.Best Freelance WebsitesThe top websites for freelancers and remote workers.How to Hire EmployeesLearn how to find and hire employees in the U.S. with our step-by-step guide and answers to frequently asked questions. "@context":" ","@type":"BlogPosting","mainEntityOfPage":"@type":"WebPage","@id":" ","headline":"Indeed","image":[" -2400x2400-20200111.jpg?crop=1:1,smart&width=1200&dpr=2"," -2400x2400-20200111.jpg?crop=4:3,smart&width=1200&dpr=2"," -2400x2400-20200111.jpg?crop=16:9,smart&width=1200&dpr=2"],"datePublished":"2020-12-02","dateModified":"2023-01-10","author":"@type":"Organization","name":"Betterteam","publisher":"@type":"Organization","name":"Betterteam","logo":"@type":"ImageObject","url":" -logo-60x307-20210125.png" The fastest way to hireSend Jobs to 100+ Job Boards with One SubmissionCountry 041b061a72


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