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10 Days Squat Jump Challenge

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Gucci Mane Baby Racks - Look Ma I Did It

My last bitch showed me that these hoes wasn't nothin'So I'ma just marry the moneyMe and Ben Franklin got something in commonI might propose with a bag full of hundredsSay he got P's, well, I need me a dozenI might just go put 'em all in the ovenWatch how them racks come back, lookin' so lovelyMoney the only topic in discussionsYou know all my bitches exquisiteI'm tryna go get itMight just take your bitch to SpondivitsMy pockets be looking like spinachAll of my cars, they be tintedSo you cannot see who in itThey tryna fuck up my imageBitch, I'm Pablo in the cityI might just come with a fiftyI cannot stop till I push up in Bentleys, Bentleys, Bentleys

Gucci Mane Baby Racks - Look Ma I Did It



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