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Grey Agenda

Richard Dawkins has considered a related problem: should biologists engage in public debates with creationists on the relative merits of Darwin's theory of evolution versus biblical 'theories' about the origin of species? Dawkins argues that engaging in such jousting contests might be a bad idea, in that such spectacles create, in the arena of public opinion, the misleading impression that biologists consider the 'arguments' of creationists sufficiently meritorious to require public discussion (Dawkins, 2003). Of course, unlike the creationists, de Grey's SENS agenda does not threaten to undermine a central scientific theory or aim to mute opposing theories in schools and in public; however, there are similarities that are worthy of consideration. Treating arguments and proposals that are not backed up by scientific evidence as though they were scientific ideas carries the risk of making them impressive to laypersons, whose main way of distinguishing among hypotheses is to take note of those that are promoted in public media or presented to them by advocates whose style they like. A conference devoted to public transport systems would not be tempted to include a debate on teleportation as an approach to reduce traffic congestion; neither would an editor assembling a special issue on food shortages in the developing world solicit an essay on Aladdin's lamp.

Grey Agenda

New in the UNIKA collection - Soft leather agenda with velvety look. The agenda is suitable for personalization by dry stamp, UV print and folio. Suitable for any outfit - the agenda adds elegance and modernism. The magnetic flap closure makes the agenda easy to use, and the inside pockets help you better organize your business cards and bank cards.

Objective: This systematic literature review and environmental scan addresses NAM's recommendations by answering two research questions: (1) what aspects of EMS systems are most measured in the peer-reviewed and grey literatures, and (2) what do these measures and studies suggest for high-quality EMS oversight?

Methods: To answer these questions, a systematic literature review was conducted in the PubMed (National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Institutes of Health; Bethesda, Maryland USA), Web of Science (Thomson Reuters; New York, New York USA), SCOPUS (Elsevier; Amsterdam, Netherlands), and EMBASE (Elsevier; Amsterdam, Netherlands) databases for peer-reviewed literature and for grey literature; targeted web searches of 10 EMS-related government agencies and professional organizations were performed. Inclusion criteria required peer-reviewed literature to be published between 1966-2016 and grey literature to be published between 1996-2016. A total of 1,476 peer-reviewed titles were reviewed, 76 were retrieved for full-text review, and 58 were retained and coded in the qualitative software Dedoose (Manhattan Beach, California USA) using a codebook of themes. Categorizations of measure type and level of application were assigned to the extracted data. Targeted websites were systematically reviewed and 115 relevant grey literature documents were retrieved.

Results: A total of 58 peer-reviewed articles met inclusion criteria; 46 included process, 36 outcomes, and 18 structural measures. Most studies applied quality measures at the personnel level (40), followed by the agency (28) and system of care (28), and few at the oversight level (5). Numerous grey literature articles provided principles for high-quality EMS oversight.

Conclusions: Limited quality measurement at the oversight level is an important gap in the peer-reviewed literature. The grey literature is ahead in this realm and can guide the policy and research agenda for EMS oversight quality measurement. Taymour RK , Abir M , Chamberlin M , Dunne RB , Lowell M , Wahl K , Scott J . Policy, practice, and research agenda for Emergency Medical Services oversight: a systematic review and environmental scan. Prehosp Disaster Med. 2018;33(1):89-97.

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Recently MWAI, designed a minimalist flat in London, using a soft-grey color pallet, chevron patterned tiling and oak flooring. The geometric tiling and diverse shades of white and grey were used to emphasize the space and lighting among the space. The minimalist interior design project was a request by two design enthusiasts and their growing family.

According to the designers, they wanted to create a warm and welcoming entrance that would lead guests to the living room on the upper floor. For that, a grey entrance hall, is located at the center of the residence, creating a large open space where doors lead off to bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room. 041b061a72


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