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Laptop Riser Best Buy HOT!

For starters, find out the weight of your laptop as this will give you a better idea of which types of stands you can use. While lighter laptops and ultrabooks will pair well with portable laptop stands, bigger business laptops or even mobile workstations are best used with a heavier and more durable laptop stand.

laptop riser best buy

Next up, you want to consider cooling. Does your laptop have fans? Are they on the sides of the device or on the bottom? This is because the last thing you want is for your laptop stand to cause your device to overheat. By thinking about your fan placement beforehand though, you can purchase a laptop stand with cutouts in the appropriate places that will allow your device to get plenty of airflow to help keep it cool.

Using a laptop or mobile workstation all day at your office desk (or even at a standing desk) can hurt your neck as you often have to bend down or even forward to see the screen. This is why many users prefer to lift their laptops up off their desks using a laptop stand.

We've compared these laptop stands on various aspects, from their dimensions and portability to their design and stability. We also looked at how adjustable the stands are and what types of laptops they're best suited for, among other things.

Just as laptops come in various sizes and form factors, so do laptop stands. Some are designed to be stationary and are meant for more permanent setups at your home or office, while others can be folded up and taken with you so you can work comfortably from anywhere.

The Lamicall Laptop Stand (opens in new tab) is one of several laptops stands on this list that can be folded up and easily brought with you in a backpack. This way, you can leverage the benefits of a laptop stand at the office, in a classroom, or anywhere else you may find yourself working from since it weighs just 3.25lbs (1.47kg).

This laptop stand features a cutout in the tray to provide airflow to your laptop, but there is also a second cutout in its hinge that can be used for running wires. Additionally, the base plate features a recessed area under the tray where you can keep your headphones or other business accessories while working. There are also two hooks at the base of the tray and rubber pads to prevent your laptop from sliding off the stand, while its rubber feet prevent it from moving on your desk or table.

This laptop stand has a base with a width of 7.5 inches (190mm) and a depth of 10.5 inches (266mm), while its tray is 11 inches wide (279mm) and a depth of 9.5 inches (241mm). As the hinge contains a button that allows it to extend further, the minder Laptop Tower II Stand has a maximum height of 20 inches (508mm). Four rubber pads prevent your laptop from moving around while in use, a cutout at the back of the tray allows for airflow, and two hooks at the front prevent your device from falling over. For the second edition of its laptop stand, obvious Solutions has added an integrated phone or tablet stand with four different levels of tilt.

The Besign LSX3 Aluminum Laptop Stand, available in either grey or black, is compatible with 10 to 15.6-inch laptops and can hold devices weighing up to 8.8lbs (3.9kg). Although the base has a length of 8.8 inches (225mm) and a width of 7.4 inches (190mm), the laptop tray is quite a bit larger, with a length of 11.4 inches (290mm) and a width of 9.6 inches (245mm). The centerpiece has a maximum height of 7.65 inches (195mm) and a minimum height of 4.92 inches (125mm).

The Rain Design iLevel2 Laptop Stand (opens in new tab) is slightly different from this list because it works best with an external keyboard and mouse. While you can type on a Macbook Air placed on this stand, the laptop tray flexes quite a lot, which is why Rain Design recommends against doing so.

To test the best laptop stands, we looked at numerous aspects of the products. We first looked at what types and sizes of laptops the stands were compatible with. We checked how much they weighed, how much they could be adjusted, and how much portability they offered overall.

We assessed whether the laptop stands came assembled or required assembly. If they had to be put together, we checked how simply it was to do so. We evaluated how much weight the laptop stands could bear and whether there was a wobble while typing or playing games.

I did research for months when trying to find a standing desk to fit my employees' needs. Some were too bulky, overpriced with little to no customer service support- but then I found Standing Desk Nation. Not only did they personally help me find the right desk for our needs, but they continued to offer support even after we purchased. I recommend Standing Desk Nation to anyone who is looking for an office upgrade. Great company with great products. We did one large order to start, but continue to come back because they really are the best in the business.

I purchased both the Flexispot Wellness Mat and the Vivo Compact Height Adjustable Standing Desk. I love them both and they have made a huge difference for me by helping to avoid back and hip stress from sitting at my computer! The team at Standing Desk Nation helped me immensely. They asked me to send pictures of my existing desk and measurements so that they could recommend the best compact desk for me. It is all a perfect fit. Thanks Brian and team!!

While some bigger and sturdier laptop stands are made for home or office use, there are also compact foldable stands that are more appropriate for travellers and freelancers. Additionally, some stands are designed specifically to prevent high-performance laptops from overheating, often using fans or a structure that increases airflow to the parts of your laptop that generate heat.

Laptop stands let your machine breathe more easily, making it less likely to suffer from thermal throttling. A lot of stands use conductive materials that draw heat away from the laptop, which will make it more efficient too. And if your laptop is still too hot to handle you can opt for a powered laptop stand with built-in cooling fans. If cooling capabilities are high on your priority list, you'll want to take a look at our rundown of the best laptop cooling pads.

But what really sets this laptop stand apart are two USB-powered fans located within the tray, which provide your laptop with a continuous stream of air, helping keep it cool. It also features a removable mouse board that can double up as a makeshift beverage holder perfect for a cuppa while you're working.

The ParcSlope is a space-efficient laptop stand specifically designed for use with MacBooks and iPads and, after using it, we never want to work with our laptop flat on the desk again. Every aspect of its minimalist design serves a practical function. It tilts your keyboard at an 18-degree angle, which is ideal for typing, and although the 7cm elevation may not seem like much, it provides a very comfortable viewing angle and improves airflow to the base of your device. It's also low enough to ensure you can still see an external monitor positioned behind it, which is a bonus.

Ridged silicone pads on the easel's two platforms help keep your device firmly in place and rubber feet prevent the stand from slipping around on your desk. There's even a notched section on the front lip of the stand that allows you to quickly open your laptop when you're ready to work. Connection cables can be threaded neatly through an oval cut out at the back of the easel if you're hooked up to a power source, while the lightweight frame can be easily transported if you're relying on battery power and need a change of scenery.

This stand is simple yet effective, with a foldable design that allows for easy transportation. It's a little more customisable than the Amazon Basics entry above, with six height adjustment options ensuring you can find the perfect viewing angle. Each of the four corners of the stand features a non-slip mat to hold your laptop in place while in use and the aluminium mesh framework facilitates airflow to aid cooling.

Suitable for devices with screens between 11in and 17in, and capable of bearing up to 10kg, the Vonhaus is versatile enough to work with a wide variety of laptops, notebooks and tablets. There are seven different heights to choose from, giving you a choice of angles between 25 and 47 degrees, and the main plate has a ventilated design to avoid excessive heat buildup. Affordable and portable, the Vonhaus is a strong choice for hybrid workers.

Although designed specifically for use with Razer's Blade and Blade Stealth laptops, this stand can house any laptop up to 15in. It has an inclination of 18 degrees to provide the optimal viewing angle of your laptop's display, while the elevation of the keyboard provides a comfortable typing position.

Three USB-A ports housed on the back of the stand allow you to hook up all of your gaming peripherals to the stand and Razer's Chroma RGB software lets you customise the lighting strip on the front of the stand to your heart's content. Not fussed about RGB lighting and extra ports? Razer also sells a basic laptop stand with a similar design for less than half the price, and it comes in two colours: Black and Mercury.

This laptop table from Avantree is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. Pop it on your desk and it'll function as a traditional laptop stand, complete with table-angle adjustment of up to 30 degrees. Elevate it fully and you can use it while standing at your desk, while those that take a more laid-back approach will find it works brilliantly placed across their lap while sitting on the sofa or in bed. 041b061a72


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