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Cape Duck Download REPACK

detailed maps, showing open areas for hunting, are available at the chief ranger's office at CCNS Headquarters, Nauset and Race Point Ranger Stations, Salt Pond and Province Lands Visitor Centers,and digital download (pdf) below.

Cape Duck Download

:: Velvet or velour 140cm wide for cape Short : 100cm Long : 130cm :: 25cm Velvet or velour 130cm wide for collar :: Iron-on interfacing :: Trim 3m for Short Cape, 5m for Long Cape (ric-rac or braid is perfect) :: Clasp

Download your Royal Cape Free Pattern. The pattern download features layers so that if you like, you can print out just the size you need. Make sure that you also check the Pattern Information box too as this layer includes the collar and interfacing pattern pieces.

:: Cut a straight line from the outside edge to the neck opening/hole in the centre. Trim the paper pattern along the dotted line and use as a guide to cut the curved lower edges of the cape opening, see pic below

Here is the Cape Cod National Seashore map which shows the parklands on Cape Cod from Provincetown all the way down the Cape. Click the image to view a full size JPG (1.2 mb) or download the PDF (1.6 mb).

This is a Head of the Meadow bike trail map (100 kb) showing the bike trail that connects East Harbor with Head of the Meadow beach, in the northern part of the cape where it begins narrowing.

Our races are held at Cape Splash in partnership with the Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Aquatics team. Come cheer on your duck as it races around the Lazy River. Be sure to wear your swimsuit, because you can hit the Lazy River between races. You can enjoy the entire waterpark during the two-hour event as well!

Every fall marks the annual arrival of tens of thousands of sea ducks that winter off the shores of Cape Cod. Many of these birds have migrated thousands of miles from their Arctic breeding grounds, and from boreal forest wetlands and lakes of northern Canada and Alaska. Sea ducks like *Common Eider, Long-Tailed Ducks, Surf and White-winged Scoter, arrive in great numbers. They win

For the 2014-2015 season, the park will continue to utilize alottery system to determine the initial order for registration. All hunters who are present at the Harkers Island VisitorCenter at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 2 willdraw a numbered ticket. This ticket willdetermine the order for registering a duck blind permit. All hunters who arrive after 9:00 a.m. and are not present at thestart of the lottery, will register on a first come, first served basis afterthe initial lottery participants have registered and selected their blinds.

There is a $50.00 administrative permit fee which includes 1blind, and a $25.00 fee for the second blind ($75.00 total for 2 blinds). The fees are used to administer and monitorthe duck blind program. If you areinterested in obtaining a Duck Blind Permit, you must bring your current NorthCarolina State hunting license with a signed federal duck stamp, a pictureidentification (driver's license), and be prepared to identify your blindlocation on a computerized topographic map.

Superintendent Kenney noted that the use of the lottery systemfor the first day of registration has been working very well and will becontinued this year. "The duck blindpermit program has been an effective program and with the help of the hunters,will continue to be a mutually workable program," said Kenney, "we alwaysinvite the public to make suggestions to help improve the program."

Hunting is authorized within Cape Lookout National Seashore,subject to State of North Carolinahunting regulations, as well as Federal law. The Duck Blind Permit allows hunters to place and leave temporary duckblinds in the park from September 2, 2014 until March 31, 2015. Blinds must be removed by the permittee nolater than March 31, 2015. Constructionof permanent duck blinds is illegal. Hunters are advised that failure to obtain a permit or failure to removeblinds at the end of the permit period may result in penalties, a bill for thecost of removing the blind, and/or exclusion from the program in futureyears. Illegal duck blinds found in thepark will be removed without notice and the cost of removing illegal andabandoned blinds significantly adds to the cost of the program and may have tobe passed on to the hunters in future years.

Darkwing Duck is an American animated superhero comedy television series produced by Disney Television Animation (formerly Walt Disney Television Animation) that first ran from 1991 to 1992 on both the syndicated programming block The Disney Afternoon and Saturday mornings on ABC. A total of ninety-one episodes were aired.[1] It features the adventures of Darkwing Duck, who is the superheroic alter-ego of ordinary suburban duck Drake Mallard.[2]

Darkwing Duck was also the first Disney Afternoon property that was produced completely as a genre parody. Prior shows would contain elements of parody in certain episodes, but would otherwise be straight-faced adventure concepts, this in the tradition of Carl Barks' work in the Disney comics. By contrast, every episode of Darkwing Duck is laden with references to superhero, pulp adventure, or super-spy fiction. Darkwing Duck himself is a satirical character. His costume, gas gun and flashy introductions are all reminiscent of pulp heroes and Golden Age superheroes such as The Shadow, The Sandman, Doc Savage, Batman, The Green Hornet and the Julius Schwartz Flash, as well as The Lone Ranger and Zorro. The fictional city of St. Canard is a direct parody of Gotham City. ("Canard" is the French word for "duck".)

The show was a spin-off of the very successful series DuckTales.[5] Darkwing Duck entered production roughly one year after DuckTales ended. Darkwing Duck was inspired by two specific episodes of DuckTales: "Double-O-Duck" starring Launchpad McQuack as a secret agent,[5] and "The Masked Mallard" in which Scrooge McDuck becomes a masked vigilante superhero wearing a purple uniform and cape. The name "The Masked Mallard" became an epithet often used in the new show to refer to Darkwing himself.[6]

Four VHS cassettes, each containing one or two episodes (a total of 6 episodes) of Darkwing Duck, were released under the title Darkwing Duck: His Favorite Adventures in the United States on March 23, 1993, individually titled "Darkly Dawns the Duck", "Justice Ducks Unite!", "Comic Book Capers" and "Birth of Negaduck!". However, most countries around the world only received releases of "Darkly Dawns the Duck" and "Justice Ducks Unite!" Each video came with two "glow-in-the-Darkwing" trading cards. Featured on the cards were Darkwing Duck, Launchpad, Gosalyn, Honker, Negaduck, Bushroot, Megavolt, and Taurus Bulba. The videotapes also included a Darkwing Duck music video which played at the end of each tape.

Nigel Mitchell of stated, "He was the terror that flapped in the night. He was the fingernail that scraped the blackboard of your soul. He was Darkwing Duck, and he made a generation laugh and thrill with his crazy adventures. Following the success of "Ducktales," the 1992 TV show "Darkwing Duck" was one of the first action-oriented shows on Disney's block, and wasn't like any other show on TV."[36] Amanda Dyer of Common Sense Media rated the series 4 out of 5 stars, writing, "Darkwing Duck is a 1990s Disney animated comedy that has slapstick cartoon violence (including weapon use) and mild name calling. It follows the heroic yet self-serving antics of cartoon duck superhero Darkwing Duck as he battles various wacky supervillains with his sidekick, Launchpad McQuack."[37]

Unlike the original show, the comic strengthened Darkwing Duck's ties to the parent show DuckTales and began to use a number of Carl Barks characters like Magica De Spell (allied to Negaduck in the second story) and cameoing Scrooge McDuck and Gyro Gearloose. A 4-part crossover story with Disney's DuckTales, titled "Dangerous Currency", was released with parts 1 and 3 for DuckTales #5 and #6, and parts 2 and 4 for Darkwing Duck #17 and #18. The comic also made a lot of homages to other Disney shows: Magica's powered up form in #7 has emblems that reference film villains like Hades and Jafar, someone holds a sign saying "Bring Back Bonkers" in the background of #6, and #3 shows Launchpad tried to get a job with Gadget Hackwrench of the Rescue Rangers from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.

Throughout the run of BOOM! Studios' Darkwing Duck comic series, there was controversy as to who was responsible for the series. Editor Aaron Sparrow is largely credited with the idea to relaunch the property and has claimed to have plotted the first arc and come up with many of the concepts for following story arcs.[61] This has been publicly disputed by Boom and credited series writer Ian Brill. However, artist James Silvani has publicly credited Sparrow not only with the idea of bringing the series back, but assisting him in ghost-writing much of the series and changing a lot of the concepts Brill brought to the series following Sparrow's departure from BOOM! Studios. This seems to be further corroborated by the fact that Sparrow and Silvani have both stated they did not write any of the final arc of the series, "Dangerous Currency", which was largely panned by fans for having many glaring character inconsistencies, particularly in the case of the character Gizmoduck.[62]

Darkwing's first major role is in "The Duck Knight Returns", with Drake Mallard (Chris Diamantopoulos) replacing Jim Starling as Darkwing in a movie produced by Scrooge McDuck. After an insane Starling's attempt to kill Mallard results in the set's explosion and the former's presumed death, the movie is canceled. However, Launchpad convinces Drake to become a real superhero, while Starling, having secretly survived the explosion, becomes Negaduck. Drake later reappears in "Moonvasion!" to help thwart the Moonlanders, and at the end of the episode, F.O.W.L. plots to eliminate Scrooge and his family following the trouble they essentially caused; with Steelbeak (Jason Mantzoukas) among their ranks. Darkwing features prominently in the two-part episode "Let's Get Dangerous!", which introduces new incarnations of Gosalyn (Stephanie Beatriz) and Taurus Bulba (James Monroe Iglehart).[67][68] In the series finale "The Last Adventure!" Drake and Gosalyn attend Webby Vanderquack's birthday party before assisting the Duck family in their final battle against F.O.W.L., during which the pair battle Steelbeak.[69][70][71][72]


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