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How long does it take?

I understand most people new to fitness want to lose weight and be in that smaller pants size.

One take home you should consider is the amount of time it took you to gain the weight currently.

What did you do different than when you were a child?

All the hours of eating late, late emails and tv on while you sleep. These all have a negative effects on our body over time.

Overwhelming to think that everything that we do have a benefit or consequence to it.

Making a list is by far one of the best things someone could do to make sure your task gets done.

Below is a photo of one of the 6 winners of water bottle give away at Christian Cross Festival in Norfolk, NE. Even when you think what you are doing doesn’t matter in God Name just get around fellow believer and watch how we tear the roof clear off.

This photo below is a lady that came to my booth and not through our conversation but through many planted seeds before me. she decided to get baptized another time. Thanks God people understand all of us need Jesus and her willingness to listen and be obedient in the moment and praying it continues the good fight.

When times get tough you find a way to get through it and while obviously being in trial and tribulations are not fun but understand God will make sense of it.

All of my situations have been building blocks to what he wants me to do or not to do

God Every Moment

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