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New Year Bad Habits

What is most frustrating about the new year? The bad habits we have done for the entire year and now we are getting this urge of change.

Why wait until the new year to be better. You have 364 other days of the year to do that.

Im not trying to knock you down but you can do better and you will make drastic changes into you life.

What it takes is a smart plan and a coach to keep you accountability. How ever big or small the goal is coaching just adds that layer of seriousness to your goal.

Im not trying to make my coach/coachee happy. I'm working for God and making sure I'm doing the best I can. You get a day or two off a week. What does your schedule look like. What's priority and what isn't.

I find it challenging giving my time evenly when I feel pulled in many directions. I have tried list and I have tried timers but one thing that has helped me has been a coach that I talk with biweekly or weekly.

This has been the best results for me. It's in the front of my mind when we decide what my goal of the week is or isn't.

If interested in being coached message me and we have get started up

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