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Women's Health

I'm a nursing student turned holistic nutritionist who specializes in women's health but helps people of all ages. I struggled with hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disease and gut imbalances all self inflicted unknown to me by my lifestyle and choices I made in my earlier life. Things that definitely could have been prevented or at least been less severe.

Over the years I have repaired these even though sometimes it is still a struggle. Health isn’t linear and isn’t always perfect but making the healthy choices pay off in the long run. Challenges will Always present themselves no matter how far along one is in their health journey. For example even though I have spent the last 4 years healing my body I also still struggle with my body image. Hormonal weight gain is something that affects hundreds of thousands of women and isn’t something easy to cope with. When we don’t lose weight we often feel what we are doing isn’t working and we give up when in reality weight will often times be the very last thing to be repaired. Even though I FEEL a million times better I often let the scale still determine how I feel.

This is something I will probably always struggle with but improving my mental health around the topic has helped tremendously as well Some of the best advice when it comes to overhauling your health and what you can do for yourself for practically free is

1) prioritize good sleep 7-9 hours is best

2) manage stress, the stress you can control. Breath work, going on walks and taking breaks help

3) incorporate a good quality magnesium supplement

4) cut processed foods and sugars.

Incorporating these habits daily overtime wills reap improvement ! I just wrapped up two of my three eBooks in my Hormone eBook Trio. Helping women learn the ins and outs of how hormones affect their hair, acne, fitness and daily lifestyle. And also helping women harness the power of their Menstrual cycle. How to sync your activities to your hormones and how to successfully master natural birth control.

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