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Welcome to Gemhealthfitness!

Who is ready for a lifestyle journey? All aboard! As we gain confidence in what we consume (physically and spiritually) and what we professed to be true. I think we can easily neglect our family. Speaking for myself I want to build something great but who is getting neglected.

Striving for excellence is something that people get weak in the knees from. I choose my hard because it's more important to raise my child than to raise my income. The lord know our struggles and knows what we need. He will answer our prayers once he is done putting me through the fire and refined me just right to be able to withstand the pressure.

These blogs are a place I will start coming to express myself. I have always been a writer at heart. The opportunity to sit down and get my point across the best way I can. When I deliver these blog post video. It's an opportunity to share my heart, fears and issues in the world.

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