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What’s your story

If you don’t take a picture doing these times by the gas pump we can’t be friends lol

The biggest takeaway from all of these issues with gas prices and food prices and everything going up. You really figure out what’s important and what’s not important.

I rather not worry about everything in life. Because I would be so consumed and fixated on every issue that take place. I’m aware of what’s going on in the world. I’m actively living for Christ. I do plan on growing and expanding in different areas.

The title of this blog is what is your story? I think Covid-19 has a way that has edged into our brains. Will you let Covid-19 make or break you. I lost two grandparents in Covid-19 from other issues but Covid-19 was supposedly one of the reason my grandmother passed. My Grandfather because my Grandmother was no longer here.

God has an amazing way of just showing us that it's alright for people to pass. It is technical their choice if you go down a road with no light and get hit by many different objects. Who is to blame? Is it God or is it your fault? The world of God is our Light to be shined in the darkness. The best way for darkness to see is by being the light of this world.

You can make a choice today to either actively pursue God and live a healthy lifestyle or do the complete opposite.

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